Even plastic surgery like other surgical fields cannot exist without anesthesia. The surgeon must ensure painless procedure and comfort of the patient during the actual surgery, before and after it. It can be achieved either under local anesthesia of treated place or under general anesthesia.

By local anesthesia is the treated area painless and the consciousness of the patient is fully kept during the procedure. It is usually used during smaller procedures and the anesthesia is performed by the surgeon with injection in the treated area.

“Now it will punch a little bit and then you won’t feel anything.” That is the information, which will patient hear from the surgeon at the surgical room. You won’t feel anything during the surgery and the injection with local anesthetics will be effective for some time after the procedure. The patient can go home practically immediately after the surgery.

Perfect comfort for the patient during the surgery under local anaesthesia can be achieved with drugs that influence his/her total condition. They reduce fear and worries from the surgery, they moderate pain and evoke feeling of tiredness and the need to close eyes and sleep for a while. This combination with local anaesthesia is called sedation analgesia. This is already part of anesthesiologist’s work at our clinic. This type of anesthesia is very comfortable but it needs longer stay at the clinic and someone to walk you home because of slow fading of the effect of the drugs administered into veins. It is ideal for those who don’t want to see, hear and feel anything and do not rush at the same time and those who are afraid of general anesthesia. Sedation analgesia can be used only for selected surgeries of smaller size, where no stay of the patient at the in-patient department of the clinic is needed.

Surgery of greater size with the need to stay at the clinic is performed under general anesthesia. It is artificially evoked feeling during which patient experiences artificial unconsciousness, painlessness and muscle relief. Patient gets drugs into vein with strong and immediate effect and falls asleep within several seconds. Those are medications that “switch off” consciousness, perception of pain and even breathing (there is a machine that breathes instead of the patient). Their dosage belongs to hands of experienced physician – anesthesiologist, which examines carefully basic life functions of the patient during the surgery, consciousness respectively artificial unconsciousness, parameters of artificial breathing and blood circulation. Without exaggeration we can say that patient’s life is during the surgery in hands of the anesthesiologist. The anesthesiologist has except knowledge and experiences even monitoring technique for disposal to keep stable condition of the patient during the anesthesia and to have sufficiently strong anesthesia. On the display of the monitor there are curves of all important functions of life that proceed inside the sleeping patient’s body.

The anesthesiologist can therefore immediately react in case of any disorder. That’s why there is no reason to be afraid of general anesthesia. Today’s general anaesthesia very safe thanks to modern anesthetic devices, perfect monitoring technique and most modern medications (anesthetics) with minimum side effects is. At our clinic we take care about our patients and give them the best that actual level of this field offers.

The patient must undergo pre-surgical examination so that the anesthesiologist is well informed about the patient’s health state. The examination’s target is to scan his/her general health state, eventually to discover hidden disorders that could have influence on the process of the anesthesia and the result of the surgery. All our patients participate on such examination before the surgery, also on detailed interview with anesthesiologist before the surgery. The aim of this thorough prevention is explicit. This way we avoid everything what could have bad influence on the process of anaesthesia. At the point when this pre-anesthetic evaluation is alright, the patient gets injection for general sedation and inner stabilization (premedication) and he/she leaves to surgical room. Patient wakes up within several minutes after the surgical procedure at the surgical room. When the patient is stabilized and has no signs of general anesthesia, he/she leaves to in-patient department of the clinic where all the important functions of life are monitored the same way as during the surgery. The patient takes drugs in case of any pain.

Anesthesia at LAUREA Clinic is a team work of experienced anesthesiologists and trained nurse anesthetists. We aim to have top quality work, we cannot even afford anything else, when we have patient’s life in our hands.