Breast reduction surgery

Too large breasts represent a problem for many women. It is not only an aesthetical issue but it influences the health state as well. The excessive volume and weight of breasts leads to many health complications. It causes a considerable mental anguish as well.

What is a breast reductio surgery?

Breast reduction is an operation which removes the excessive volume of mammary tissue. This operation can include other treatment, for example breast -lift.

Are you a suitable candidate for breast reduction?

You have to be healthy and with a good balance of mind and with realistic expectations concerning the operation and the final size of your breasts.

Before the breast reduction surgery

During the first consultation, the doctor shall talk to you about your expectations and reasons for breast reduction. First of all, he should understand your idea about the final size of your breasts.

If your breasts are to large to correspond with your body proportions and their weight causes health problems as dorsal pain or headaches, we can recommend you to undergo this operation.

The doctor will consider the condition and elasticity of your skin and its elasticity and check your general health state to prevent possible complications during the operation and hereafter.

If you have reached certain age, you shall probably undergo a mammogrm (breasts x-ray).

You should organize your transport home after the operation and assistance for one or two days, if you need it.

You will probably be asked whether you take any medication containing acetylsalicylic acid (Aspirin, Acylpyrin, Alnagon, Mironal etc.). This medicaments can cause increased bleeding during the operation and thereafter.


The operational breast reduction requires general anesthesia, it means you shall sleep during the whole operation.
You will be probably reminded not to eat, drink and smoke during approximately 6 hours before the total anesthesia. You may stay overnight in the hospital.


The operation lasts for 2 – 3 hours.

The treatment consist in removing of the excessive volume of mammary tissue.

The incision is done near the areola, then vertically to the sulcus under the breast and continues in this line. The excessive tissue is removed and the breast is stretched. The remaining tissue is connected with stitches.

The treatment includes adjusting of the areola, which is usually moved and and made smaller as well. That is why your breast shall look younger.

At the end of the operation, your breasts will be covered with a sterile gauze.

After the breast operation

You will probably feel a little pain during first hours after the operation, this pain can be effectively reduced by medication. Your breasts will be covered with a sterile gauze and it is necessary to rest during the first days after the operation.

The bandage will be removed after few days and replaced with a surgical breast supporter. This bramust be worn exactly according to the recommendation of the doctor. You can start to alternate this operational bra with a normal solid bra after 14 days.

You shall probably stay in the hospital one day after the operation.

The healing is a highly individual long term process.

Your breasts will be swollen and with bruises during the first days, the bruises start to disappear quickly. Some swelling can last even few weeks.

The stitches are usually removed in 15– 20 days after the operation, according to the material.

You can go back to work after one week, but if your job includes heavy physical activity, it is recommended to start working few days later.

You should not practice sports and other physical activities for one months.

Your nipples will be more sensitive for some time after the operation. Do not touch them as long as the contact is not pleasant.

It is necessary to protect the scars from sunshine for 6 months.

First the scars shall be punched out and sharp red, after some time they start to fade and turn flat.

Do not forget that the scars never vanish completely. The doctor can recommend medical aids to quicken their disappearing. The final size of scars depends on the ability of your body to heal them. There can be skin folds in the lower parts of your breasts, which later disappear.

How long shall the result of the breast reduction surgery last?

This operation has lasting results. It is however not possible to prevent the influence of time and gravitation and the beasts can drop slightly.

To reach the best results, it is necessary to follow all recommendations of your doctor.