Brow lift

The elasticity of the skin near the eyes decreases during the ageing process. It results in a brow lower. With the help of brow lift, it is possible to look much younger and fresh with clear eyes.

What is a brow lift?

Although men suffer from “brow lower” more often than women, the same number of men and women undergo this treatment.The reason? Women care more about their appearance and are much more sensitive to the effects of ageing process.

The brow lift is also done as a compensation of distorted face mimicry caused by some diseases (ex. facial paralysis).

The brow lift can be a part of other treatments, but mostly it is done together with forehead lift.

Are you a suitable candidate for brow lift?

If your face starts to show the marks of ageing process with brow lower, you can use this operation. It is necessary to consider your expectation, which must be realistic. It is also necessary to make clear, which shape of your brow do you want to achieve.

Before the operation

During the consultation with the surgeon, it is necessary to talk in detail about your expectations. If you brow is too low, the doctor can recommend you to combine brow lift with another operation, for example with forehead lift.

The doctor will consider your general state of health and provide you with all instructions about the operation. He will probably ask you whether you take any medication containing acetylsalicylic acid (Aspirin, Acylpyrin, Alnagon, Mironal etc.). This medicaments can increase bleeding during the operation and thereafter.

You should organize your transport home after the operation and assistance for one or two days, if you need it.


In most cases, brow lift is done with local anesthesia, which guarantees you a painless operation.)

However in some cases, the surgeon can choose a general anesthesia. If he chooses this approach, you will be probably reminded not to eat, drink and smoke during 6 hours before the operation. You may have to spend a night in the hospital.

The procedure of brow lift

The operation usually lasts for one hour.
First, the surgeon makes a incision at the upper brow line, then removes a part of the skin to lift the brow to the required shape.
It is very necessary to remove the right amount of skin. If the surgeon removes only a small amount, the result will be too small. At the other hand, if too much skin is removed, the new look will be unnatural (wonder-stricken ).

After the operation

Brow lift is only a minor operation, that is why there is not much pain after the operation.

If you do not feel good, the doctor can prescribe you some analgetics.

The wound will be covered with a thin sticking plaster and if there is no bleeding and you have undergone the operation under local anesthesia, you shall be probably able to go home in 2 hours after the operation.

The doctor will probably invite you for a medical check after a few days and provide you with further information.

How long shall the result of brow lift last?

This operation has a lasting result, however you must not forget that the operation does not stop time. Your skin will age and you may fell the need to have the operation repeated after some time to make your face look younger.