Prices / Costs – Inverted nipples

Price lists of surgeons and clinics performing the procedure Inverted nipples on one page.

From 58 surgeons and 23 clinics that perform the procedure are shown prices of the procedure Inverted nipples 15 surgeons and 8 clinics.

The table clearly shows surgeons and clinics with the lowest and highest costs for the procedure Inverted nipples. For more information click on the particular surgeon (clinic).

All Inverted nipples costs are in EUR. You can change the currency on the right side of this page.

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State Average (EUR)
Czech Republic Czech Republic 334
Poland Poland 688

State Surgeon / Clinic Prices from (EUR)* Prices up to (EUR)*
Pavol Kačmár M.D. 300
Chirmed s.r.o. 300
Antónia Saxová M.D. 300
asc. prof. Stefan Guzanin M.D. PhD. 300
Ars Corporis dr. Zoltán Rusz 800
Esthetic, s. r. o. 830
Praxisklinik Kaiserplatz 1.400
Jens Feyh M.D. 1.400
Prof. Dennis von Heimburg M.D. 1.400
Janka Tocikova, M.D. 75
Krystyna Frontczak-Toborek, M.D. 440 550
Leszek Leszczyński M.D. 771 991
Viliam Jurasek, M.D. 151
Martin Sorma, M.D. 183 295
Blanka Vraspirova, M.D. 187
Clinic of Plastic surgery Ústí nad Labem s.r.o. 187
Blahomira Goldmannova, M.D. 224
Laser Esthetic s.r.o. 317 392
Jiri Ferra M.D. 317 392
Private surgery clinic Foldyna clinic 336
Michal Puls, M.D., PhD. 634
Vlastimil Visek, M.D., PhD. 634
Medicom VIP 634

* All prices are approximate