Prices / Costs – Laser removal of snoring

Price lists of surgeons and clinics performing the procedure Laser removal of snoring on one page.

From 15 surgeons and 28 clinics that perform the procedure are shown prices of the procedure Laser removal of snoring 8 surgeons and 14 clinics.


The table clearly shows surgeons and clinics with the lowest and highest costs for the procedure Laser removal of snoring. For more information click on the particular surgeon (clinic).

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State Average (EUR)
Czech Republic Czech Republic 368
Poland Poland 449

State Surgeon / Clinic Prices from (EUR)* Prices up to (EUR)*
Vaclav Pavelec, M.D. PhD 261
Východočeské laserové centrum s.r.o. MUDr. Drahomíra Kotlářová 411
Gustav Niepel M.D. 200
Dermamed – Dermatovenerology and corective dermatology 200
Damian Medical Center 242 308
Prywatna Klinika Chirurgii Plastycznej – MedCosmetic 842
Janusz Sirek, M.D. 842
Laser Treatment Centre Opava 149 448
Karel Matler, M.D. 149 448
Laser Treatment Centre Olomouc 149 448
RVmedCentrum 224 373
Emil Sabotinov, M.D. 243
Libor Polak, M.D. 355
Lasercentre Brno 355
European Centre of Health and Beauty 355
Lasercentre Kyjov 355
Tomas Moravec, M.D. 355
Medical Laser Centre 373
Clinic of Plastic surgery Ústí nad Labem s.r.o. 388
Esthé the clinic of laser dermatology 392
Hana Rakova, M.D. 392
asc. prof. Jan Klozar, M.D. PhD. 392
The CLT Clinic, Ltd. 411

* All prices are approximate