Endotine II.: Say goodbye to deep wrinkles

The SurgiWire procedure is a new method for removing deep facial wrinkles, scars and depression using “surgical wire.”The method SurgiWire is fast and highly effective. It allows the surgeon to loosen the fibrous tissue that causes distinct lines between the eyebrows and on the side of the nose.

How is the procedure performed?

The procedure can be performed under sedation or local anaesthetic. Using a special needle, the surgeon makes several local punctures around the wrinkle and with the help of this needle feeds a very fine steel fibre under the skin. The surgeon cuts under the wrinkle and the fibre is completely removed. Wrinkles released in this manner can last up to two years. The surgeon can achieve a permanent effect by using a micro-liposuction technique to acquire fat from the body of the client; a small amount of the fat is then injected into the place of the wrinkle. The fat smoothes the wrinkle permanently.

What is the cause of deep wrinkles?

The muscles that control facial expressions have thin fibrous connections to the surface of the skin. Through repeated mimic movement facial lines gradually deepen. Surface skin regains a youthful appearance after these fibrous connections are released using the “surgical wire.”

Compared to other methods that remove wrinkles such as botulotoxin and various fill materials, the SurgiWire method is the most efficient on large and deep wrinkles.

What can be expected after the procedure?

Local swelling and bruising can occur at the treated site and usually last for up to one week. After the operation it is a good idea to sleep on a larger pillow and to ice the face. Pain and anti-inflammatory medications can be prescribed. The final result is achieved after several weeks.

Is there any risk involved?

As long as the patient carefully observes pre and post-operation instructions, complications are minimal.

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