Laser skin growth removal

If you suffer from any skin growths, warts, xynthelasma (fat deposits near eyelids), fibrous capsules or birthmarks, you can have them removed by high-performance laser. Very tender hard “evaporating” laser is used for this purpose.

Laser scar removal

Each skin injury heals with a scar. Its appearance depends not only on the type and extent of the wound but also on the individual disposition to form scars. Scars are removed not only from cosmetic reasons but also due…

Laser acne treatment

Acne is a disease which has a negative impact on human psychic condition and is socially challenging. Laser is one of the ways to remove acne or at least diminish its symptoms.


The time and the gravitation cause our skin to get loose, there are more wrinkles, pigment stains and other symptoms of ageing process. Photorejuvenation is an excellent method to gain a considerably younger look.

Chemical peeling

Chemical peeling is a non-invasive method used to enlighten and rejuvenate an aging skin, to make it less wrinkled, to smooth acne scars, to minimise large pores and to remove pigment spots. It also has a positive impact on oily…


This new technique based on curative action of carbon dioxide has rejuvenation effects on the skin. Carboxytherapy works by injecting carbon dioxide under the skin into the areas needing treatment, where it improves local tissue metabolism, perfusion and skin regeneration.

Abdominoplasty (Tummy tuck)

Many men and women are annoyed by a too large abdomen, caused by loose skin and abdominal muscles. Abdominoplasty is an operation which helps you to get rid of an unsightly drooping abdomen and excess fat deposits in this area.

Feeling of giving hope to people

He did not want to be described as an exceptional specialist. But he convinced me in almost every sentence that he really is one. Doc. MUDr. Jan Měšťák CSc., speaks not only about plastic surgery… Can you describe your way…

Modern breast implants

Right choice of breast implant considerably influences short and long term results of breast augmentation. Complications caused by implants are the reason of 1/3 re-operations in first 5 years. Implants differ by surface, cover, filler and form – shape.

The ideal of woman beauty is timeless

Interview with a top plastic surgeon MUDr. Tomáš Doležal about women, ideal of woman´s beauty and its changes during the time… May I ask you how you interview your patients and what is the first contact like?

No more pain at the dentist?

The treatment of dental caries still represents for years a traumatic process for many patients. The fear from the treatment with dental drill leads the patients to avoid the visit at the dental office till it comes to painful complications…

Labiaplasty – Labia reduction surgery

The surgery is suitable for women with large outer lips that cause problems. It can be rubbing and hurting during walking, sport activities; problems with wearing specific clothes; if the lips are visible through swimsuit or they can present an…