Price lists of surgeons and clinics performing the procedure Accent on one page.

From 1 surgeons and 3 clinics that perform the procedure are shown prices of the procedure Accent 0 surgeons and 4 clinics.


The table clearly shows surgeons and clinics with the lowest and highest costs for the procedure Accent. For more information click on the particular surgeon (clinic).

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State Average (EUR)
Czech Republic Czech Republic 171

State Surgeon / Clinic Prices from (EUR)* Prices up to (EUR)*
Estetika Zlín 56
Východočeské laserové centrum s.r.o. MUDr. Drahomíra Kotlářová 56 336
Estetické a laserové centrum Petra Clinic – Petra Řehořková 67 355
Ordinace pro všeobecnou a plastickou chirurgii Laserové centrum 75

* All prices are approximate