What are the costs of Breast lift (Mastopexy) in the Czech Republic? Are there different prices in Prague as a capitol of the Czech Republic and other cites?

On this page we show the prices of procedure Breast lift (Mastopexy). The following table lists 19 surgeons and 12 clinics with their price range for Breast lift (Mastopexy). Click on the particular surgeon / clinic name to get to the surgeon / clinic detail page.

All Breast lift (Mastopexy) costs are in EUR. You can change the currency in the right column of this page.

Surgeon / Clinic Prices from (EUR)* Prices up to (EUR)*
ART & MED 73,-
Dusan Vlcek, M.D. 583,-
Chotoviny Clinic 583,-
Janka Tocikova, M.D. 656,-
Robert Remes, M.D. 692,-
Martin Kloud, M.D. 692,-
Jan Doskocil, M.D. 692,-
Ludevit Pinter, M.D. PhD. 692,-
Sanus First private surgical center 692,-
Libor Polak, M.D. 801,-
David Stepan, M.D. 838,-
Ales Fibir, M.D. 911,- 1.093,-
Tomas Kydlicek, M.D. 983,-
Blanka Vraspirova, M.D. 1.093,-
Clinic of Plastic surgery Ústí nad Labem s.r.o. 1.093,-
Laser Esthetic s.r.o. 1.202,-
PEM Medical Centre 1.220,-
Jiri Vrbicky, M.D. 874,-
Institute medical cosmetics 546,- 692,-
Otakar Lucak, M.D. 656,- 940,-
Svatopluk Svoboda, M.D. 656,- 947,-
Erik Antus, M.D. 692,-
Lasercentre Kyjov 728,- 911,-
Helena Singerova, M.D. 801,- 983,-
Kamila Sormova, M.D. 801,-
Klinika plastické chirurgie, Fakultní nemocnice Královské Vinohrady 911,- 1.020,-
Pavel Jancik, M.D. 1.020,-
Private surgery clinic Foldyna clinic 1.020,-
LaserPlastic 1.085,-
Zdeněk Strádal, M.D. 1.220,-
The CLT Clinic, Ltd. 1.220,-
* All prices are approximate