What are the costs of Dermabrasion in the Czech Republic? Are there different prices in Prague as a capitol of the Czech Republic and other cites?

On this page we show the prices of procedure Dermabrasion. The following table lists 8 surgeons and 3 clinics with their price range for Dermabrasion. Click on the particular surgeon / clinic name to get to the surgeon / clinic detail page.

All Dermabrasion costs are in EUR. You can change the currency in the right column of this page.

Surgeon / Clinic Prices from (EUR)* Prices up to (EUR)*
Clinic of Plastic surgery Ústí nad Labem s.r.o. 4,-
Blanka Vraspirova, M.D. 4,-
Robert Remes, M.D. 90,- 180,-
Sanus First private surgical center 90,- 180,-
Ales Fibir, M.D. 90,- 539,-
Ludevit Pinter, M.D. PhD. 90,- 180,-
Martin Kloud, M.D. 90,-
Jan Doskocil, M.D. 90,- 180,-
Petra Duchkova, M.D. 4,-
Erik Antus, M.D. 90,- 180,-
Klinika plastické chirurgie, Fakultní nemocnice Královské Vinohrady 104,- 209,-
* All prices are approximate