What is a certificate by the Czech Society of Aesthetic Surgery? Who can obtain it? Read the information about your plastic surgeons specialty.

The certificate can be obtained by surgeon that has passed the examination in the field of plastic surgery, is a member of the Society of Aesthetic Surgery and complies with further membership requirements. He/she should continuously perform interventions in aesthetic surgery, and is involved in the system of life-long continuing education in aesthetic surgery.

At least three years of experience following the achievement of the qualification examination in plastic surgery, and in any case not less than 10 years following graduation from medical school.

The surgeon must submit a list of recommended autonomously performed operations in plastic surgery; their minimum amount must meet the requirements of the Society. The documentation is done in the form of a statutory declaration containing a patient name and diagnosis for which the operation was performed. All this must be approved and signed by a guarantor.

The owner of the certificate should accept the Code of Ethics of the Society of Aesthetic Surgery.

He/she should regularly present documents about participation on educational courses, congress and scientific meetings home and abroad.