Basic liposuction

Classic liposuction can be either so-called dry technique, when there is applied no liquid under the skin of treated area. Or liposuction under general anesthesia with the use of infiltration solution and liposuction cannula ran by vibration, ultrasound, radio-frequency or laser energy. It is possible to suck out larger amount of fat. The hospitalization takes 1-2 days, wearing of compression underwear for 8-12 weeks, sport activities after 4 weeks.

What is classic liposuction?

  1. No liquid is injected under the fatty tissue in this technique – therefore it is called dry technique. This method involves using hypotension, which may result in higher blood loss, damaged tissue or skin irregularities. It is performed under general anesthesia. This technique is considered obsolete and is not much used nowadays.
  2. Another kind of classic liposuction is liposuction under general anesthesia using wet or super-wet technique when an infiltration solution without an anesthetic is injected in the tissue. The suction is performed using different types of cannulas depending on the practice and equipment available at a clinic. This liposuction technique performed under general anesthesia enables to suck larger amounts of fat in one session, using cannulas with larger diameters and the procedure also takes shorter time comparing to tumescent technique. However there is a bigger risk caused by general anesthesia; the patient cannot be positioned during the procedure or the procedure cannot be completed in standing position. Some clinics use the method quite often, however tumescent liposuction is considered much more advanced.
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