Non-invasive fat and cellulite removal – UltraContour

UltraContourT of MedixSysteme company is the first patented device of the dual ultrasound technology with the accesory multisequential ultrasounds waves technology UMDR to reach optimal body contours.

What is UltraContour?

System UltraContour is a painless form of liposuction with the help of highly focused ultrasound that is thousand times more intense than normal ultrasound examination. It is a gentle method that enables to reach desirable effects without bruises and odds that are typical for invasive methods. New generation UltraContour™ uses in its first phase (HIFU) combination of physical effects associated with ultrasound:

  • De-polymerisation: molecular dissociation of the tri-glyceride and increase their fluidity
  • Lipolysis: ejection of fat acid outside of fat cell through membrane with increased permeability
  • Defibrosis: mechanical action of the connective tissue in the hypodermis

In the second phase the fat cells metabolism is increased through UMD ultrasound drainage massage waves. They help their drainage via lymphatic system.

UltraContour is a medical device fully certified by CE 0499 according to Medical Directive 93/42/EEC. Its safety and effects are guaranteed and proved.

Are you a suitable candidate for UltraContour?

A woman is the most suitable candidate for the therapy at age 25 to 55, with BMI index 25-35, with the fat in the area of tummy and legs. Eventually even with cellulite. A man is an ideal candidate at age 30 to 50 with overweight in the area of tummy. Both with low exercise and with energetic content of food higher than output. Also a woman after pregnancy or nursing can undergo the procedure, when she wants to quickly regain her original contours.

Before the surgery

It is not necessary to keep some special restrictions or preparation. Maybe only sufficient intake of liquids. The procedure is not recommended to patients with metabolic diseases, during pregnancy and nursing, with metal implants and tumors in the area of the procedure, with hepatitis, HIV, inflammations or skin rash in the place of application.

The procedure

Each procedure – one session consists of two phases. In the first phase a technology HIFU is used (high intensity focused ultrasound), which covers point by point the given area, e.g. tummy, thighs… This part of the procedure takes approximately 20 minutes.

In the second phase (approximately 20 minutes) a technology UMD is used (ultrasound lymph drainage) that ensures effective drainage of residua after HIFU phase. The treated area is painted with special gel, which creates good conditions for ultrasound waves spread.

After the procedure

There are no limitations. It is good to maintain a healthy menu and to start with exercise activities.

How long does the effect of UltraContour last?

The effects are more lasting compared to alternative non-invasive procedures and massage technologies with vacuum suction. The fat cells are removed similar to invasive liposuction. The best results can be naturally achieved by patient that consequently change their eating habits and increase their exercise activities.

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