What are the benefits of choosing Turkey for its veneers?


Cosmetic dentistry is exploding in popularity, with veneers topping the list in dental aesthetic treatment. In the chase of perfectly glistening smiles, people are willing to cross borders and seas to get the best there is in dental veneer treatment. Turkey is one of the leading countries benefiting from medical tourism, more specifically, cosmetic dentistry. Countless people, including celebrities, owe their gorgeous smiles to the dental veneer treatment practiced in Turkey. Let's take a look at the benefits of getting veneers in Turkey.

Modern Technology

Turkey has got the latest technology when it comes to cosmetic dentistry. Production of high-quality dental veneers and dentistry equipment for various dental procedures is key to the provision of top-tier dental services. This is a great advantage to the country and a benefit to you the client as some countries are limited in such resources, and if present, the cost is exorbitant.

The country also boasts of state-of-the-art infrastructure convenient for the accommodation of tourists.

Affordable Prices

Cosmetic dentistry is known to be very expensive all over the world but the case is different in Turkey. Veneers in Turkey come at a very affordable price without compromise of the quality of the veneers, This is the main reason why medical tourism is a booming business in the Middle East country. Travel and accommodation costs are also affordable compared to the USA or the UK, which also offer cosmetic dentistry.

Additionally, the exchange rate of the US dollar, Euro and Sterling Pound is quite robust compared to the Turkish Lira, which is appealing to foreigners for both treatment and accommodation.

Skilled and Experienced Dentists

The Turkish Ministry of Health is very strict when it comes to the approval and licensing of clinics and medical experts including dentists. European dentists are equally qualified as well but only take a general approach to cosmetic dentistry unlike dentists in Turkey who are dedicated to their specialties. For this reason, the dentists and professors in the country gain so much experience in their field with specialization which complements the extensive training they undergo.

Quality Veneers

Due to the high demand for dental veneer treatment, dentists and dental technologists in Turkey use high-quality materials and similar techniques as their colleagues in Europe and America to produce veneers. A compromise in the quality of veneers is bad for business as the market is also flooded with skilled and experienced dentists offering unmatched quality.

While on the quality of veneers, you also get a variety of veneers in Turkey to choose from. You can choose from Composite veneers which are made from the same material used for fillings. There is also the choice of porcelain veneers which are most popular for their natural look and durability. While in Turkey, your dentist will examine your teeth and recommend any of the two veneer options based on your budget and the imperfection you are looking to correct.

Quality Services

Combining the intense training and specialization, experience, and unlimited access to high-tech resources, clients receive the dental veneer treatment of unequaled quality, and for the right price.

Medical Tourism Packages

Since the number of medical tourists has been on an upward trajectory for years now, most dental clinics offer lucrative packages. These dental veneer package calling cards comprise of;

  • The cost of getting veneers in Turkey
  • Accommodation in a 5 Star hotel
  • Airport transfer
  • An interpreter in case of a language barrier
  • Spa
  • City tour with a private driver

These packages are calling cards is because what could only afford you dental veneers in your country caters for the same and an unforgettable holiday in Turkey. Get to enjoy the rich gastronomic culture of the Turkish people and leave with a gorgeous smile, for less. How convenient is that?

It's only in Turkey that you get to end what was initially a medical visit, with a one-of-a-kind experience exploring a highly varied landscape and a rich, interesting culture.

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