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Do you like close-fitting clothes but can not wear them because of unsightly fat layers on your abdomen or thighs? UltraShape is the first safe, effective, surgery-free (non-operative) body contouring treatment which breaks down subcutaneous fat layers and smooths out skin with celulitis on places that are difficult to shape with exercise or diet. This method is completely painless, effective, with no surgery and no undesirable side effects and its results can be actually measured.

What happens during treatment

The treatment uses focused ultrasound waves selectively breaking membranes of fat cells lying 1,5 cm under skin surface. After one treatment there is an average reduction of a six-milimetre layer of subcutaneous fat deposits. The fat cells are ultimately processed by the body´s immune system. The neighboring tissues as blood vessels, nerves and muscles remain intact as well as the skin which does not show signs of any possible damage caused by the treatment.

Who is it for

Suitable candidates for the treatment are men and women with subcutaneous fat layer thicker than 1,5 cm. Ultrashape can also provide a long lasting remedy for clients with celulitis.

Contra-indications for treatment are pregnancy, liver diseases, heavy metabolic derangements, metabolic errors of blood lipids, derangement of coagulation, illnesses of connective tissues and heart pacemaker. The UltraShape treatment focuses mostly on flanks, abdomen and thighs (inner and outer sides) – places which are difficult to shape with other methods. This treatment is however not the same as surgery liposuction and is therefore not suitable for obese people. UltraShape can not reduce your weight but helps you to change and improve your body contour.

Before treatment

During an obligatory consultation before the treatment, the physician is going to decide whether UltraShape is suitable for the patient, examine the area to be treated as well as its size and set the price for treatment.


The physician first marks the treatment area directly on the skin and covers surrounding parts with towels. He/she enters required data to a computer system and starts the treatment. Using a sophisticated tracking system, focused ultrasound energy (pulses) selectively targets fat cells in the chosen body area, ensuring that each treatment point is covered. This tracking system ensures an even treatment without unwanted irregularities on the skin. Treatment is comfortable, painless, you can even read or make telephone calls during it. The procedure usually ranges between one and two hours, depending on the size of the treated area.

One session is usually enough, but if you want to get rid of more than 6mm of subcutaneous fat layer, it is possible to repeat the treatment, no sooner than after one month. And the result? After a single procedure there is an average reduction of 1,5 – 2 centimeters in treated area circumference.

After treatment

A very comfortable manual lymphatic drainage follows immediately after treatment and helps the body to process the disrupted fat cells by its own lymphatic system. For best results, it is recommended to be on a diet with low fat and sugar intake for a period of 4 days after treatment and do plenty of exercise. Final results can be seen after approximately 3-4 weeks.

How long do the effects last

Human body has a final number of fat cells, it means that no new ones are formed after removal of some of them.

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