Rhinoplasty (the nose job – nose surgery)

Almost all of us have some irregularities in the shape or size of our nose. If the irregularity of shape, a hump, a too long or a too wide nose causes an aesthetic defect, cosmetic surgery is able to help.

With Rhinoplasty, we can correct the shape of the nose and deflections from its axis. There is often a pleasant secondary effect of the operation – the improvement of breathing. The aesthetic effects are significant, with an important influence on the mental state of the patient. An thorough consultation with your plastic surgeon is necessary before the operation, and the patient’s motives and the expected results must be made clear . Before the treatment, it is also necessary to undergo a preliminary lab test. It is possible to undergo pre-operative examination at our clinic or at your doctor´s.

We do nose surgery under general anesthesia. If it is our client´s wish, it is also possible to use local anesthesia. The operation does not leave visible external scars, the approach to the tissues is from the nostrils. During the  surgery procedure, soft tissues are separated from supportive framework of bones and cartilages, and the nose is remodelled to correct the deformities. The treatment lasts 1 – 2 hours, depending on the scope of modelling. Smaller treatment includes only modelling of soft nasal tissues without sculpting the bones.  The operation and post-operation recovery is mostly painless. We recommend to stay at the clinic overnight after your treatment. After operation, nasal packs are placed into the nostrils for 3 to 5 days and plaster fixation is put on the nose for 2 weeks. After removal of the fixation, it is necessary to be very careful before of the bones reattach, that is, for 6 to 8 weeks. Slight swelling can last for few weeks after the removal of fixation.

During the first weeks after treatment, the patient is to perform pressure massages which are important for the final shape of his/her nose. The nose shape is considered to be final after at least 6, usually 12 months. The effect is lasting.

At LAUREA clinic, it is mostly Doc. MUDr. Jan Válka, who deals with nose operations /rhinoplasty/, an author of an expert publication and many specialized articles on this topic. He is an internationally recognized plastic surgeon – rhinoplasty expert. Doc. MUDr. Válka has operated at LAUREA clinic for many years and is popular expressly with foreign but also with domestic clients. His great advantage and guarantee of many successful operations is  not only his surgical knowledge but also his experience and aesthetic feeling.

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