Labiaplasty – Labia reduction surgery

The surgery is suitable for women with large outer lips that cause problems. It can be rubbing and hurting during walking, sport activities; problems with wearing specific clothes; if the lips are visible through swimsuit or they can present an obstacle during sex. Sometimes woman feels bad when she attracts attention of the others (e.g. in sauna) or of partner. The anomaly is usually on both sides.

Although it is possible to make an appointment for this procedure by phone without any previous consultations, I do not recommend it. First step in decision making if the surgery is worth it for you is to make an appointment for check-up – consultation with the doctor that would be eventually in charge of the surgery. It is common that the client consults her problem with more doctors and makes her appointment with the one to which she feels the strongest confidence.

During the performance ambulantly under local anaesthesia, in a woman that is fit and doesn’t undergo any medical treatment, no pre-surgical examination is necessary.

The principle of the surgery consists in the excision of the excessive part of the labia. The treatment is usually performed under local anaesthesia and ambulantly. The performance under general anaesthesia is of course also possible. In this case an internal pre-surgical check-up is needed and the treatment is then more expensive. The extension of the excision is drawn on the skin (it is possible to agree on it), the labia is then locally anesthetized. This part of the surgery is painful but lasts only 20 seconds. The extra skin is removed, the bleeding is ceased and the suturing of mucosa is made either with absorbable sutures that are not taken out or with classical sutures.

Progress after surgery might be complicated with bleeding that is not strong and doesn’t need any medical treatment, it is solved the same way as with bleeding during menstruation. The labias are usually very swollen and moderately painful. Caused by the swelling the look of the vaginal opening is changed, the labia look completely different and this look has nothing in common with the final result. The swelling and pain will fade after approximately one week to ten days. After the surgery you can have problems while sitting.

Since the surgery is made in the area where it is difficult to keep sterility, progress after surgery is very often complicated with infections and breakdown of the wound edges. In this procedure the insignificant complications of wound healing with no extra treatment are very frequent. It is possible to avoid danger of more significant complications of wound healing such as wound breakdown with painful infection by optimum treatment. Even insignificant complications are manifested by pain in the area of vaginal opening.

After surgical treatment: It is simple and provided by the patient herself – increased hygiene, showering with the use of soap or shampoo. Minimum twice a day wash with disinfecting solution – you will receive it during the surgery. At the beginning put sterile gauze into the underwear, later on sanitary pads are sufficient.

The checkups after the surgery with normal progress and absorbable sutures are not necessary although it is better to come for a check up after a week and after 14 days. Check up after 3 months is also appropriate to evaluate the final result. It is necessary to mention danger of creation of rigid scars as a late complication in patients with inherent inclination to creation of keloid and hypertrophic scars. This risk is lower than 1% and the state can be treated with care for such scars.

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