Plastic surgeon from Milan in Brno

In the middle of November Prof. Luca Vaienti, the head of the Plastic Surgery Clinic of University Hospital Policlinico San Donatto in Milan, made a visit in the Clinic of Plastic and Esthetic Surgery of our hospital.

He looked over the working place, where the surgeons of his clinic are trained, he followed our plastic surgeons during a challenging process of surgical programme of breast reconstruction with the application of tissue flap from lower abdomen by the separation of nutritive vessels in the dermal layer and their connection to nutritive vessels in the chest with microscope. The procedure stands for breast repair after its removal caused by cancer disease.

The cooperation of the Plastic and Esthetic Surgery Clinic of St. Anna’s Faculty Hospital in Brno with the University Hospital Policlinico San Doatto in Milan was launched in the beginning of this year, although the clinic cooperates with other Italian clinics almost 25 years. We asked the Professor Vaienti for an interview.

Professor, how do you evaluate the procedures that you could see?

We do not perform these type of procedures yet, that is why there were two surgeons for an internship from our clinic. We would like to launch this technique also there. We perform a broad range of microsurgical procedures, excluding these, also because of capacity reasons.

Why have you decided to cooperate with our clinic?

There are three basic aspects why we have chosen your clinic to work with. The Italian plastic surgeons cooperate with the local clinic practically already 25 years. Young surgeons can stay here relatively long time several months and train themselves. Your school of plastic surgery is known in the whole Europe. We cooperate in training of young specialists and in research. I expect that the cooperation in research will develop further and will lead into outcomes of common research work and common publications.

You know a lot of plastic surgery clinics in Europe. What is our clinic’s position in European context?

Do you want to hear the truth? I say it with one word – excellent center. It is not a phrase, I have seen a lot of university clinics with didactical importance, but it is rare that such hard procedures are performed by all the surgeons, not just the chief. Here it is like that which means that you have a strong team. Here such a team remained even after many others in the Czech Republic split because the surgeons went to private office or clinics. Surgical reconstruction procedures are thus functioning in its full extent. At present I concentrate on International School of Plastic Surgery with clinics in Barcelona, Paris, Luxembourg, Nancy, Nice and Milan. I hope that also your clinic will take part of the International Programme of European School of Plastic Surgery.

To what extent do the two clinics, your Clinic in Milan and our local Plastic and Esthetic Surgery Clinic, look like?

We are engaged in the whole scope of reconstruction surgery, our Clinic is smaller though, we have 14 beds for planned surgeries, the patients operated in our Clinic after injuries stay at clinics that have just free room. Next year a new building is going to be opened in our hospital which will significantly improve our conditions. Althoufh for some procedures, like we have seen here, when two teams are working on one patient at a time, we still do not have the capacity.

You are not for the first time in Brno. How do you like the city?

People are polite and helpful here. Brno is interesting for me also because there is a really good food. Unfortunately I have found such friends, like Professor Veselý, so I eat a lot here (laugh).

Thank you for the interview, we wish you success in your job and many good dishes.

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