An Introduction to Crystal and Diamond Vacuum Microdermabrasion

Interest is growing for simple, non-invasive, although effective rejuvenating methods of making your skin look younger and healthier. Unlike conventional plastic surgery, these procedures don’t put a hold on your lifestyle. Vacuum microdermabrasion is definitely the buzz word in the world of esthetic dermatology; and here we’ll introduce you to the wonders of this procedure.Microderma brasion (MDA) can be done by almost everyone. It is suitable for all skin types; it fully meets the non-invasive/no risk requirement; anesthesia is not used and no extremely troublesome post-procedure measures are needed.

The method is very simple, although the results are quite surprising. Crystal microdermabrasion is basically the combination of a gentle mechanical abrasion with the help of aluminium oxide micro-crystals, together with a great vacuum effect. The tiny crystals very gently and carefully remove micro-layers of dead epidermis cells. This supports an increase in cellular recovery, regenerates the skin surface and last but not least, substantially improves the skin’s openness for further regenerative or medical treatments. At the same time, this abrasion smooths the skin, including scars from acne; it reduces superficial pigment stains and cleanses and contracts enlarged pores. The effect of the vacuum improves the lymphatic drainage of the face, which leads to the elimination of morning puffiness, especially around the eyes, and it stimulates blood circulation and skin detoxification.

The above mentioned MDA effects are identical in both crystal MDA and its later form, diamond MDA, where the tiny aluminium oxide crystals are substituted with tiny diamond grindstones.

The result of a MDA is to gradually stimulate collagen and elastin fibers, which leads to much desired skin rejuvenation. The procedure ends with the application of nourishing enzymes and a myorelaxing vibration massage with point acupressure.

We have found at our clinic that the application of a special laser hydrating mask right after the MDA skin treatment is very effective. It intensely affects the calming and hydration of the skin in interaction with a biostimulation laser or the Omnilux device.

As you can see, MDA is suitable for skin ageing prevention and for removing early problems, for example photoaging that generally occurs in women after they turn 40. We also see young people interested in MDA, usually for post-acne treatment, or some that just want to improve the quality of their skin.

Be aware, a big effect cannot be reached with just one treatment. Generally it is recommended to have a set of four to ten treatments in seven to ten day intervals to reach your desired effect. A comfortable session will last approximately 45 to 60 minutes. After that you can put on your makeup and leave with brighter skin. The effect is visible right after the first treatment.

This method can be combined with other non-invasive procedures for “visage rejuvenation,” for example an application of botulinum toxin for wrinkle removal. MDA visibly increases the total end result of procedures that the patient can undergo during their “lunch break.” With such great results coupled with a non-invasive procedure and no risk, it’s no wonder that MDA is a more and more popular method to improve your skin for a young and fresh look.

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