Anti-Aging Medicine

Founder and Chief Physician of the A2C Clinic – the only certified specialist in Anti-Aging Medicine in the Czech Republic

What is the secret of the magic Anti-Aging Medicine? Calling it magic is maybe a little exaggerated, because this is a modern, scientific medical discipline based on the latest findings and ongoing research in the field, which has created an integrated, complex programme of rejuvenating treatments targeted at all age groups. Anti-Aging Medicine in short, strives to achieve the best possible state of health for every individual. Because progress in this new medical field is very rapid, A2C, the only certified Anti-Aging Clinic in the Czech and Slovak Republics, utilises specialised laboratories worldwide. “I didn’t want to heal the sick, but to be able to prevent disease.” This is your quote and evidently you are doing well towards this aim. For whom is your A2C Clinic intended? Our clinic is designed for anyone who values his or her health and who wishes to maintain it on a long-term basis. In practice, mainly business owners, top managers and people in need of achieving perfect results in their lives come to us, people who are under high demands and on whose health and vitality almost everything depends. Also we have clients who already have everything, and now would like to enjoy it, but the state of their health is not ideal, or they would like to have an even better state of health. An ideal case is when a healthy person comes to us and we, on the basis of detailed examinations, including genetic tests, give recommendations on how to avoid disease, if at all possible. What additional services do your A2C clinics in Prague and Karlovy Vary offer? The A2C Clinic of Anti-Aging Medicine in Prague is the first and the only certified anti-aging clinic in the Czech and Slovak Republics. In the past year, we also opened two more branches in Karlovy Vary, in the Carlsbad Plaza and Imperial Hotels. All our A2C workplaces have a high level of professionalism. The examinations carried out are also carried out in similar exclusive clinics abroad. Before the treatment itself, our clients undergo a series of examinations. The most necessary in this present stressful age include the testing of brain neurotransmitters and the rejuvenation of brain function. Further tests include the measurement of the biological age of body organs. The most enjoyable is the food intolerance testing and subsequent recommendations as to which foods could be harmful to the body, so that one should eat them less often and which foods are really good for the body. The most significant tests include a detailed hormonal analysis and the supply of bio-identical hormones, and a genetic examination as a preventative measure against various diseases present in our genes which may be prevented with the correct strategy. Innovations in the field of genetics include Nutrigenetics, intended for those who have a particularly highly developed sense of good nutrition, and the Genetic Test Manager and the Sensor for Breast or Prostate Health. You have also written two books: “Anti-Aging, How to keep youth and beauty, and “I eat and get younger or Anti-Aging on the plate. And you yourself are the best evidence that Anti-Aging Medicine works. What would you recommend to clients who express an interest in this medicine? We have our prolonged youth and health in our own hands. It’s up to us. Only we ourselves can decide if we are prematurely suffering from myocardial infarction, or if we are concerned about obesity, migraines and hormonal problems. The more intensively we become acquainted with Anti-Aging Medicine, the better results we will achieve. In our profession, results aren’t seen from day to day but, as one ages chronologically, one feels and looks better. I know that now you are preparing for the Anti-Aging Medicine World Congress in Monaco and you are also a member of the very prestigious Scientific Council of the World Society of Anti-Aging Medicine (WOSAAM). What is the direction of global Anti-Aging Medicine? Anti-Aging Medicine is the fastest growing medical specialisation, revealing new discoveries and results in this medical field almost daily. The Anti-Aging Medicine World Congress in Monaco will be engaged in the issue of the global management of aging, it will present the latest findings in the area of the testing of brain neurotransmitters and technologies for the utilisation of stem cells that are, thus far, only a promise for the future.
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