Augmentation–breast enlargement with implants

In LAUREA Clinic a team of experienced plastic surgeons is operating. Offering a complete assortment of surgical procedures of esthetical surgery is their daily life including recently implemented surgical procedures. Breast corrections via implants belong to standard and commonly used procedures. Breast surgeries are mainly performed by MUDr. Josef Hrbatý.

Dr. Hrbatý is one of the top surgeons in the Czech Republic that uses so-called anatomic implants for breast augmentation which enlarges a standard offer of round implants.

Dr. Hrbatý has been using these anatomic implants approximately for 8 years and he has already performed several hundred of successful surgeries, mainly in LAUREA Clinic in Brno.

The men’s imagination of perfect shape and size of woman’s breast is not seldom in contradiction to the imagination of women themselves. The esthetical surgeries of women’s breasts is a very large topic including a broad range of surgical procedures and their combination. The women’s motivation for undertaking the surgery of breast augmentation is usually a feeling of unsatisfactory self-confidence from small beasts or from the loss of breast’s volume after the delivery or breast feeding. During the initial consultation with the client the surgeon gets the conception of size and shape that is to be achieved by the surgery. Further he/she evaluates the pre-surgical state of the pacient (shape, size of breasts, breast deformity, asymmetry etc.) and evaluates if the patient’s conception can be reached. After the evaluation of all the facts an optimal way of solution is drafted and explained to the client. Currently we offer two types of breast implants in our clinic – round and so-called anatomic. Both shapes are offered also in different price range according to the producer. By anatomic implants it is worth investing in the more expensive ones because the risk of complications is lower.

The round implants are inserted in most cases under the breast muscle and the incision is made in the armpit. Other options are the incisions around a part of areola or below the breast in the inframammary fold. The healing process takes usually more time. The anatomic implants are inserted in a typical way when the upper part of the implant is inserted under the muscle and the lower part lies under the mammary gland. In these cases the skin incision is made in the inframammary fold or by the areola border. The healing process is shorter.

Before the surgery itself each client, without any age differences, has to be examined by a specialist that decides which type of the breast examination will be made (ultrasound or mammography). At present we do not perform the surgery without this examination. The surgery is performed with a general anesthesia, it takes 1 to 2 hours. For 2 to 4 days the patients get antibiotics as a prevention of infection. Still at the surgical room the breasts are bandaged.

Post-surgical care differs also by the used type of implants. The round implants need to be fixed with a band in the upper border so that they won’t move upwards. The band needs to be worn for 4 to 6 weeks. Sometimes we combine the band with bra for a better creation of the inframammary fold’s shape. The anatomic implants are fixed with a special bra that protects them from moving downwards and out. The patients wear this bra usually for three weeks, 24 hours a day. After that period of time it is necessary to wear the bra to fix the implants still another approximately 6 to 9 months. This bra has to meet certain criteria, in no case so-called “push-up“ bra.

An experienced plastic surgeon is a presumtion to a succesful surgery. That is why we recommend to all our clients considering this esthetical surgery to look for a clinic where experienced and erudite surgeons work. In the Czech Republic there are many smaller or bigger places of esthetical surgeries. But there is not many where doctors with experiences from university clinics work that had the possibility to become acquainted with the full range of plastic surgery and to get inestimable experiences.

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