Cosmetic and plastic surgery in Prague and Czech Republic

Find out the most important facts about Czech cosmetic and plastic surgery. Certification, prices, how to choose a plastic surgeon. Read the recommendations of Asc. Prof. Marketa Duskova M.D. Ph.D., the president of Czech Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. Extremelly high standards (see below) of Czech plastic surgery combined with low prices and location in central Europe central place The Czech Republic among favorite cosmetic and plastic surgery destinations. The Czech Republic is in fact home of a modern plastic surgery. Czech plastic surgeons are highly qualified, skilled, trained and educated. Clinics are located in PragueBrno and other smaller cities. Both Prague and Brno have international airports where you may arrive. Czech Republic is a fairly small country. Even if you choose a clinic outside of Prague you will not travel there from an airport more than about 2 hours.

What are the advantages of Czech cosmetic surgery?

  • All Czech plastic surgeons are qualified. The level of their education and practice lays above global average. Read below..
  • The price of procedures is about 1/3 to 1/2 of the price you would pay in the U.K.
  • You will stay in Europe and in mild climate.
  • A Flight to the Czech Republic from U.K. takes about 1hour. The airplane ticket is cheap.
  • Majority of Czech cosmetic surgeons speak English.
  • Czech plastic and cosmetic surgeons are internationally recognized and make regular lectures and share their innovative techniques with many specialists over the world.
  • You will get the best pre-operative and post-operative care from professional English speaking staff.

Czech plastic surgeons have to work in the field of cosmetic plastic surgery for 4 years under supervision before obtaining the certification.

What it takes to become certified plastic surgeon in the Czech Republic

  • college for 6 years, followed by:
  • specialization in general surgery, 2 years of practices as a postgraduate under supervision of senior doctors, followed by:
  • 2 years of general surgeon practice, followed by:
  • passing a selection procedure in order to further specialize in plastic surgery, followed by:
  • 4 years of plastic surgery theoretical and practical practice in state certified clinic for plastic surgery. This practice is under supervision of senior plastic surgeons.
  • Thorough final examination in plastic surgery.
The above are legal obligations to become a plastic surgeon in the Czech Republic. All Czech plastic surgeons are qualified plastic surgeons.

How to choose a plastic surgeon specialised in aesthetic plastic surgery?

  • Make sure you have a board certified plastic surgeon. (If you are in doubt visit the websites of the Society of Aesthetic Surgery and the Society of Plastic Surgery.) Visit these websites if you don’t find the information on our directory in a doctor’s listing.
  • Ask for before/after pictures of the operation you demand. Not all operations are on the same level of complexity. There are simple ones and there are those that require a very high skill. One of those is for example rhinoplasty.
  • The photo of a plastic surgeon is not that important. A lot of excellent specialist don’t look like a doctor from a TV soup opera.
  • Be aware that excellent plastic surgeon need basically two things. Experience and skillful hands, a gift from God. The education on it’s own is not enough.
  • Do a lot of research. Testimonials from your friends might be also helpful.
  • The best surgeons might not be those that let you travel shortly after operation. There are some procedures that will require you to stay in Czech for 1-2 week or even more. For example abdominoplasty.

The best plastic surgeons have usually schedule full for 6 moths ahead. Very rarely you might get a consultation or an operation within a month from now or less.

President of Czech Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, recommends:

Asc. Prof. Marketa Duskova, M.D., Ph.D., President of Czech Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, recommends:
  1. Your chosen specialist should be a certified plastic surgeon. See the list of plastic surgeons that are members and the list of plastic surgeons that are certified members of Czech Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.
  2. It is reasonable to pass the whole process with the same plastic surgeon, i.e. the initial consultation, examination, the surgery, and post-op care. It is good to stay in contact by phone or email the whole healing period.
Why to choose the Czech Plastic Surgery ? The plastic surgery has had a long tradition here. In European continent the foundation of this medical branch is connected with the name of the great Czech, Academician Frantisek Burian. The treatment is on the high level and the prices are available for majority of interested persons. Among main advantages of Czech plastic surgery belongs the educational system that assures the quality of medical care. What are the main features of Czech educational system? In the Czech Republic there are 4 steps of training:
  1. At first a plastic surgeon trainee starts with theoretical studies and watching the surgeries,
  2. 2. then she/he assists to senior surgeon,
  3. 3. she/he continues with operating under supervision and assisting to senior surgeon 4.and finally she/he carries the surgery alone.
The training lasts at least 5 years and must be provided at accredited sites, where the trainee is going through all parts of plastic surgery. To become a fully board certified plastic surgeon, one must pass the qualifying examination, which is oral and practical. To application form for the examination the candidate must attach references of main tutors and a list of performed surgeries. There are types and number of compulsory operations. If we compare the situation in other countries, such tutoring and conditions for obtaining of full qualification may be less detailed or even sometimes missed.

How to choose a plastic surgery clinic?

  • Every plastic surgery facility or clinic in Czech Republic has to have “top qualified plastic surgeon”, a warrantor. Such plastic surgeon has to be certified for this post by state which means by Society of Aesthetic Surgery and Society of Plastic surgery. Warrantor is guaranteeing the level of medical care in the clinic. But be aware that this doctor doesn’t have to be the one performing your surgery. Make sure you know who is the plastic surgeon performing your surgery.
  • As we said above, you should search for experienced and skillful specialist. Beside that there is the medical equipement that is needed for the surgery you want. For an endoscopic face lift or neck lift you need the endoscop. For laser treatment you need the laser. But for a lot of procedures you don´t need such equipment and the skill of surgeon might be more important.
  • A lot of surgeons perform surgeries at more than one facility.

Agencies and providers of cosmetic surgery packages

Going for plastic surgery on your own

You may want to arrange the cosmetic surgery trip to Czech on your own. It is simple. You can simply purchase an airplane ticket, accommodation and airport pick up on the internet within 30 minutes. Before that you should get a date for consultation or possible operation from a chosen plastic surgery specialistSome time a clinic where you wish to undergo the treatment may recommend an accomodation or apartment near the facility as well as an airport pick up. You might decide, you don’t want to travel alone. Well, bring a husband and send him play golf. There are more then 70 golf courses in Czech. Bring a friend and send her shopping, siteseeing, you name it… Czech is far from a third world country. You don’t have to be afraid to get a taxi from the airport. Also, you may contact us if you wish to recommend an appartment of accommodation. The bottom line is:find a surgeon and give him a call or write an email and go from that.

Purchasing an all inclusive plastic surgery package through a middleman

Purchasing an all inclusive cosmetic surgery package through a middleman may be more expensive but you will be taken care of from your home airport on. You may have someone to chat with on the way. Some of the providers have undergone a treatment them selves. You may feel better not going alone. Agents usually know their way around the Prague and Czech. On the other hand, they do what they do for profit. Also, agents will probably recommend you only a clinic or plastic surgeon they deal with. The bottom line is: decide if you are willing to pay more for everything being taken care of for you. We do not list the agencies here at this time. However you will find them on major search engines if you look for plastic surgery in Prague.

Czech is the home of the first plastic surgeons

The foundations of plastic surgery were laid by Czech professor Frantisek Burian in 1912. Three years later he launched the first plastic surgery ambulance in the world. Burian developed many operation procedures and techniques that are the basis of many modern plastic surgeries over the world.
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