Exilis Non-Invasive Body Shaping

We as cosmetic surgeons have been searching for the holy grail of non-invasive techniques that provide quick, comfortable treatments with lasting results. Many of the new techniques I have seen had major drawbacks that prevented me from whole heartedly recommending them to patients. Some were too painful and patients didn’t want a second treatment, others took too many treatments to display results, and some results only lasted temporarily. Of these new techniques, the best I’ve found is Exilis, an FDA approved method that safely delivers mono polar radio frequencies (heat from radio waves) to reduce appearance of fat and tighten skin in one procedure.

Exilis offers many advantages over other methods. Treatments are quick, comfortable, and require no preparation, downtime, or anesthesia. Contrary to many similar techniques, Exilis can be done on any area of the body. Complete results are usually seen after 4 treatments, although some effect can be seen after just one. Exilis can correct an array of problems, ranging from wrinkles to skin laxity. Patients note improvements in the contour, texture, and folds of the skin. The ability to treat both deep layers of skin and fat, as well as superficial layers is possible due to having excellent control over the hand piece. The treatment is given using a hand piece with precise controls to determine depth and density of waves. Exact frequencies target different layers of skin according to treatment area and desired results. The deepest layers of the skin can be treated to reduce fat deposits. Improvements in the appearance of wrinkles, skin tone, and texture can be achieved by targeting the top layers of skin. Real time monitoring of the skin temperature is indicated by the hand piece, allowing for quicker treatments by delivering the maximum treatment. Treatments for one area usually take about half an hour to remove fat and tighten skin. The FDA approved Exilis treatment offers an alternative to those interested in liposuction, yet fear an invasive surgical procedure, or are curbed by the downtime from invasive procedures. Although liposuction (either laser or power cannula assisted) is the gold standard for destroying and removing fat, Exilis offers an alternative for those who may have health issues where surgery is not an option. Patient satisfaction is extremely high for this procedure given the cost, treatment time, and comfort level.
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