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The ageing process causes lower skin elasticity and wrinkles on the face, neck and neckline. If you suffer from such problems, you can use the gentle technique of skin stretch and smoothing out the wrinkles, which is offered by feather face lift.

What is a feather face-lift (face-lift with the help of threads and springs)?

It is a very gentle treatment to smooth out the wrinkles and stretch the skin without the help of a scalpel. Threads with gimps and springs are used to smooth out the skin, contrary to the traditional technique of face lift, which uses a scalpel to remove excessive fatty tissue and skin.

Feather face lift is mostly used to form the face and neck contoursdrooping lip endsdrooping eyebrows and in some cases also to treat drooping breasts.

During one feather face lift, it is possible to treat one or more areas.

Feather face lift techniques

There are several techniques of feather face lift, for example application of threads with knots, springs, the technique of stitching and technique of undercut.

Application of threads with knots

A thread is inserted in the subcutis with two stitches, which help to stabilize the subcutis to the required position. The thread ingrows later into the connecting tissue and stabilises the new look.

This technique is used mostly in cases of drooping cheek skin, drooping skin above the eyes and drooping skin of the chin.

Application of springs

The application of springs is similar to the application of threads. They are mostly used to smooth out the wrinkles leading vertically down from the lip ends.

Technique of stitching

This technique is used mostly in cases of drooping skin under the chin, to form the chin and to accentuate the contours of cheek bones.

The stitches are done with a semi-circular needle with a smooth thread. The stitching can be either linear or circular, according to the required type and place of treatment.

Technique of undercut

A smooth thread is inserted into the subcutis in the direction there and back, which forms a loop. The subcutis of the wrinkle, which should be removed, is undercut with a gentle pull. A firm flat layer of tissue forms on the place of the undercut. This tissue prevents the development of another wrinkle.

Are you a suitable candidate for feather face lift?

Feather face lift is a technique suitable for younger candidates as well, that is why it can help to solve the problems of the ageing skin even to people in their thirties.

If you suffer from drooping eyebrow, distinctive wrinkle between nose and mouth, drooping cheeks with wrinkles or loose skin on the chin, you want to undergo a very gentle treatment and your expectations are realistic, you can be a suitable candidate for feather face lift.

Before the operation

During the first consultation, the doctor shall discuss with you your views and expectations. He will also check the condition and elasticity of your skin.

He will explain you in detail the whole process of the operation. He will probably ask you about previous face operations or injuries, general state of health and whether you take certain medicaments.


This treatment is very gentle and requires mostly only a local anesthesia, which guarantees you a painless operational process. The local anesthesia can be combined with sedatives.

The doctor can choose a light general anesthesia in some cases. It means you shall sleep during the whole operation. You will be probably reminded not to eat, drink and smoke during 6 hours before the operation. You may have to stay overnight in the hospital.

The procedure of feather face lift

Special threads or springs from a non-allergenetic material are used during the feather face lift.

After the application of the anesthetic into the treated area, the thread or spring are connected to a 1,2 mm thick needle and inserted into the subcutis. They are fixed there an therefore stabilize the skin in a new, required position.

Collagen coalescence develops near the thread in the subcutis. This coalescence stabilizes the subcutis in the required shape.

After the treatment

The treated area shall be a little swollen after the treatment, small bruises may appear.

The healing time is much shorter than in the case of traditional face lift, mostly it is one week.

It is recommended to avoid exhausting movements for two week after the treatment, above all in the treated area.

What is the result of the feather face lift?

The results of feather face lift can be seen immediately, but they even improve in few months. The reason is collagen coalescence which stabilizes the subcutis in the required shape.

The results of feather face lift last several years, with maximum of 5 years. This period depends also on the condition of client´s skin and subcutis and age.

This treatment can be repeated several times according to the client´s need.

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