Injection Lipolysis (Lipotherapy)

Lipolysis is ideal method especially for reduction of small double chin and for improvement of contours of lower jaw, but also for any other part of body. In case that you have normal body weight and small fat deposits which you can not remove by exercise, Lipolysis is a good way to reduce this volume.

During Lipolysis the substance of phosphatidylcholine is applied through microinjections directly into the area with fat cushions. In medicine, this injection substance is used as a drug to stimulate liver function in cases of excessive blood fat contents and to prevent the risk of fat embolism. This is an enzyme that splits solid fat into small particles and thus ensures its solubility. Fat dissolved through the injection is via blood naturally eliminated from the body. Application of Injection Lipolysis is very effective only for reducing small, local accumulations of fat that do not disappear through diet or physical exercise. Liposuction is preferable for larger fat accumulations.

Before the treatment

If you use any blood-thinning medicine, we recommend you to consult your doctor that has prescribed them to you about minimum 1 week avoidance before the procedure.

It is necessary to precisely plan the treatment of Injection Lipolysis, so that it is not just “to have a little of fat removed”.

The treatment

The doctor will apply several subcutaneous injections of phosphatidylcholine directly into the problem areas.

Local anaesthesia is not used during this procedure. Application of Lipolysis takes around 30 minutes, it is recommended to stay another 30 minutes at the clinic where the procedure was done. You can go home after that, it is better to arrange someone to accompany you.

After the treatment

Immediately after the application, redness and big swelling will appear in the area of the treatment. The place is also painful and in some cases small bruises might appear. After several days, the redness, pain and bruises disappear. The swelling may last longer. A week after the treatment it is possible to start carefully exercise. We recommend you to drink at least two litres of water a day in the period after the procedure and to take enough vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. This will accelerate the loss of fat from your body.

The result of Lipolysis

Following performance of Lipolysis, the fat at the treated places begins to slowly dissolve and is excreted from the body. Lipolysis has the great advantage that the fat is removed evenly.

The final effect of Lipolysis can be evaluated after two months. In order to achieve the optimum effect, it is usually necessary to perform one to two treatments at eight-week intervals. The result is permanent if the patient retains his present weight. In case of considerable increase in weight the treated places can regain in their volume. Lipolysis does not have the desirable effect in a small group of people (about 5%). The results can depend on the blood supply and the structure of the fat tissue.

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