Is cosmetic surgery abroad right for you ?

Before you decide to travel for cosmetic surgery abroad there are some important points to consider. Should you use the services of an agency, or work with a clinic directly? Here is a short summary of some things to think about before you decide to go for plastic surgery abroad. The decision to travel for a cosmetic surgery treatment abroad is not to be taken lightly. Many agencies offer holiday packages including plastic or cosmetic surgery in attractive places abroad.

Cosmetic surgery abroad advantages

  • Save money
  • Visit attractive places abroad
  • More confidentiality and privacy 

Cosmetic surgery abroad disadvantages

  • More difficult to verify the surgeon’s credentials and certifications.
  • A long flight following surgery may increase the risk of complications. You should wait between 5 and 10 days before travelling.
  • Some popular cosmetic surgery abroad locations are not conducive to healing; especially hot and humid climates. Many activities you might usually do on holiday (sunbathing, scuba diving, playing tennis, etc.) can’t be done following a facelift or other cosmetic procedure.

Cosmetic surgery abroad destinations

You can choose from a variety of places around the world. Popular destinations for plastic and cosmetic surgery are Argentina, Brazil, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Malaysia, Mexico, Philippines, South Africa, Tunisia and Thailand. In Europe, cosmetic surgery is possible in Poland, Hungary, Slovakia and of course – the Czech Republic. Find out more about Cosmetic surgery Prague !
But don’t forget…
Going on a vacation and going to have cosmetic surgery is not the same.

Contact an agency or a cosmetic surgeon directly?

This is a personal decision. Do you want to have someone arrange all details for you, or would you prefer handling things yourself? It may be easier to work with an agency, but you will be paying for their services. Alternatively, if you arrange your cosmetic surgery abroad on your own, you may run into difficulties you wouldn’t have if you’d been working with a third party.
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