Up to six women per day become beautiful here!

Do you want to get rid of wrinkles or reduce the size of your clothes? Try plastic surgery! Both is possible just in one hour which you spend sleeping in the operating room.

There are really many clients and plastic surgeons have good times. Just in one day, up to six women „beaufity“ here! Journal Blesk reports:

A normal operating day starts after eight o´clock. A surgeon, anaesthetist and nurses are ready in the operating room. The first client today is going to have her breast size reduced. “Breast reduction is not only an aesthetic treatment, it is very often matter of health as well,” explains surgeon Karel Urban from the Private Clinic of Plastic Surgery and Laser Aesthetics Esthé. Big breasts can cause big problems. Most often they lead to pains in the back. “Breast reduction can help to relieve the back of even two or three kilos,“specifies Urban. The operation lasts around one and half hours. Then the client gets bandages and is transported to her room.

Finally! The surgeon has few minutes to sip his tea. In the meantime, nurses prepare next treatment. They must clean the operating room as well, there are about seven kilos of dirty clothes. Some of them go to washing rooms, some of them directly to the washing machines. Cleaning of the tables, preparation of tools, needles, syringes and medicaments. Among the tools, there is also a drilling machine, very similar to drills which belong to carpenters. After few moments, the operating room is cleaned. The nurse sips tea as well. But the second patient is already there.

She is going to have forehead smoothing by endoscopy. This client is obviously looking forward to it. “I am a nurse, I know what to expect and am not afraid of anything,” says quite happily. In few moments is she under anesthesia. The operation begins. The surgeon inserts the first probe under the skin. He uses his hands only from memory and follows the treatment on the screen. It takes 60 minutes. A nurse takes care of the sleeping patient and transports her to her room. Next operation is being prepared.

Next operation is ultrasound liposuction of hips and back. There are not so many tools but much more clothes. Big drapes in size of bed sheets, smaller ones in size of towels. The high tone of ultrasound can be heard in the operating room. A little more than one and half liter of yellow stuff is being sucked off into the prepared bowl. Another pause. This one is longer, for the lunch which gets warm in the microwave oven.

Next client is coming in the lift. She is going to have breast augmentation. The operation lasts one and half hour. Everything goes well and situation is similar. The room gets ready for next forehead endoscopy. Another ultrasound liposuction follows. This time it is liposuction of thighs. The program ends at about five o´clock. All patients awake slowly from the anesthesia in their rooms. Operations which have been planned for two or three months are finished.

One busy day on a clinic of plastic surgery ends…

Few punctures and the wrinkles are away

One of the clients who decided to look younger with the help of endoscopic operation of forehead is Hana Nová (48).

„I decided immediately when I learned about this method,“ she answered without hesitation. Endoscopy is her Christmas present!

„Mrs Nová had drooping eyebrows and slightly drooping upper eyelids. She was therefore an ideal candidate. The result of forehead endoscopy is smoothing the wrinkles and correction of drooping eyebrows,“ says the surgeon Karel Urban. And what does an endoscopy mean? „With the help of few punctures, probes are inserted under the skin and they divide soft tissues as skin and subcutis from the front bone. The separation is done very carefully, not to damage the nerves,” describes the surgeon.

First result can be seen immediately during the treatment. Wrinkles disappeared at the moment of separating the tissues and drooping eyebrows were lifted up. But final results can be seen no sooner than after few days. The face remains slightly swollen for 3 or 4 days after the operation. Everything is completely healed after one month.

The price of this treatment is less than twenty thousand. Endoscopy is suitable even for men. It is not recommended only to gentlemen who are bald or have “high” forehead. In their case small scars from incisions for inserting the probes could be seen.

Ultrasound liposuction: just one hour and fat pads were away

Zuzana Kolínská (56) belongs to frequent clients of Esté Clinic. She allowed us to see her liposuction of hips and back be done. „Ultrasound which is emitted by a probe breaks fat tissue which can be then sucked out,“ explains Mr. Urban the “simplicity” of the treatment.

The patient stays on the clinic overnight and then leaves home. She must wear elastic underwear for about 4 to 6 weeks. “Liposuction is done to model some body parts. For example hips, lower abdomen or thighs. It is definitely not a substitution of diet!” reminds Karel Urban.

Liposuction is done on several parts of body. On the abdomen, thighs, arms but also at the place of jowl. The price of the treatment is 18 000 – 23 000 Krones, depending on the sucked areas. It can help you to wear two or three size smaller clothes.

Approximate prices in Esthé

  • breast augmentation without implants from 20 thousand CZK
  • breast reduction from 33 thousand CZK
  • common liposuction 13 thousand CZK
  • ultrasound liposuction18 thousand CZK
  • forehead endoscopy 20 thousand CZK
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