Laser Liposuction – SmartLipo

SmartLipo or laser lipolysis is a method used in removal of undesirable fat deposits. It shapes your body. The laser beam promotes the breaking up of the fat cells that are eliminated in a natural manner from the body. Without large bleeding, without pain and incapacity for work.

How does  laser liposuction – SmartLipo  work?

A very small cannula (tube) approximately 1.0 mm to 2.0 mm in diameter containing a laser fiber is inserted into the skin. The cannula is moved back and forth delivering the laser’s energy directly to the subcutaneous fat cells, causing them to rupture and easily drain away. The laser energy also interacts with the dermis, resulting in collagen shrinkage.

Liquid fat tissue is left usually without suction in case of very tiny parts. It is gradually absorbed due to natural metabolism. In case of larger treated areas it is necessary to gently suck the fat tissue dissolved through laser. Most of the modern clinics world-wide use technique of vibration liposuction.

Due to the cannula’s small size, Smartlipo is a minimally invasive procedure and can be performed under local anesthesia. The laser causes small blood vessels to coagulate immediately on contact, resulting in less bleeding, swelling and bruising – and a quicker recovery time than conventional liposuction.

Worries about the safety of the laser should be quelled – the laser can easily differentiate between fat cells and other tissues including nerves, blood vessels, and connective tissues. The places of laser beam insertion into the subcutis are not sewn, they are only treated with plaster. They almost disappear step by step.

Are you a good candidate for laser liposuction – Smartlipo?

If you have areas of fat that will not respond to diet and exercise, then you’re a candidate for Laserlipolysis. Ideal candidates are in good health, of normal body weight and have realistic expectations for the results.

SmartLipo is ideal for treating following areas : tummy, chin, arms, male breasts, inner and outer thights, buttocks, decolletage, knees, hips, ankles and areas of loose and flabby skin. The procedure may improve the body’s shape and may improve cellulite to a certain degrese.

How many treatments are needed?

For most patients, typically only one treatment is required. The session may last from 45 minutes to one hour for each area treated.

What is necessary to do post-treatment?

After the treatment you will need to wear a compression garment for several days to several weeks, depending on the body area being treated.In small treatments such as double chin it is possible to leave the treated areas without compression underwear. Rest is recommended after the procedure and activity may be resumed gradually. Refrain from hot tubs or strenuous exercise for 2 weeks. Most people go back to work after two days.

Does laser liposuction provide lasting results?

Yes, adults do not create new fat cells. When a person gains weight, the fat cells expand. The Smartlipo procedure permanently removes the fat cells. Should you gain weight, most fat will be deposited in areas where the procedure was not performed.

Results can be seen as soon as a week with continued improvement over several months.

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