Laser removal of snoring

Snoring. Maybe the biggest scare of shared bedrooms. Thousands of sure home ideas how to get rid of the problems of very distorting common life, reliably fail. Moreover temporary information show that snoring can have not just social but also medical consequences.

Is it possible to remove snoring? What are the reasons to it? Those are questions asked by all the people that are touched by this problem. Snoring can be most often solved by laser procedure on soft palate (LAUP) or possibly by laser clearing of the nasal passageway (LAMT).

Who is suitable candidate?

Suitable candidate is anybody who snores. This problem itself is not a disease but a cosmetic defect with familiar social consequences. Part of the snorers has more serious damage. We call it sleep apnoea syndrome. It is characterized by pauses in breathing during sleep that can have serious medical impact on the sick person. The patient suffers not just from snoring but also from headaches, drowsiness in the morning, excessive daily sleepiness, memory failures, impotence, high blood pressure and so on. We can identify the sleep apnoea syndrome by careful examination and subsequently also cure it. In other cases the need of cure is mainly given by the wish of the patient to solve his/her social or cosmetic problem.

Before the treatment

Each treatment has to be done after the examination of ORL specialist which is also a surgeon and has experience not just with laser but also with other treatments of snoring. Only this way the best process is guaranteed.

The process of the treatment

The treatment is performed under local anaesthesia and it is mostly an outpatient procedure. The process of the procedure is painless with minimum bleeding. During the surgery a new palate including uvula is created, following healing leads to their tightening.

After the treatment

The period after surgery is characterized with pain and feelings of pressure in the throat that are moderated with analgetics. The intensity of pain and mainly the time that it lasts depends on the type of applied laser. If the office has a top laser technique then it can offer a favourable progress after the surgery, especially reduction of pain and faster healing. During several days most patients are returning to work.

Final effect of the treatment

Final effect that is evaluated after several weeks, is very good and long lasting in most cases. The success rate of the treatment is 90%.
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