Laser removing of tattoo and pigmentation

Are you unsatisfied with your tattoo? You need not be afraid of painful treatments, which were used some time ago. Laser methods offer a possibility to remove painlessly unwanted tattoo, as well as pigmentation caused by old age or sunshine and unsuitable permanent make-up.

When to undergo laser removing of tattoo and pigmentation

To remove tattoo, pigment stains and permanent make-up,Alexlaser is used in most cases. It is a type of laser device sending a high-speed 20 megawatt pulse. This pulse penetrates the skin without damaging it and breaks dark pigment into small parts, which are then absorbed with the help of white blood cells. The laser device works with accuracy of one thousandth of millimeter, which helps to effectively protect the circumjacent tissue.

Are you a suitable candidate for laser treatment?

If you suffer from traumatic tattoo (ex. after a fall on a clinker road) or have a tattoo which you do not want any more, have pigment stains caused by sunshine or old age (vitiligo), then you will probably be a suitable candidate for this treatment.

Your expectations should be realistic. If the tattoo is old and deep or the pigmentation large, it is necessary to count with the necessity to repeat the treatment several times.

It is easier to remove traumatic tattoo and pigmentation from places with more frequent movements(fingers, neck).

Before the laser removing of tattoo and pigmentation

During a medical examination, the dermatologist is going to check the extent of skin damage and offer a procedure to achieve the best possible result. The first examination can include a test, which proves the effect of laser method on a small part of the damaged skin. It can spare you from a useless financial expense.


The laser treatment is intensive but very gentle. It is often compared to a sting caused by a nettle plant. In most cases, it is not necessary to use a anesthesia. In case of larger treatments, it is possible to use local anesthesia by a anesthetic ointment or a light analgosedation. If you are extremely sensitive to pain, you can ask for this type of anesthesia.

After the treatment

The laser treatment has a big advantage, it does not really damage the skin. The skin may sometimes colour up and swell, but the swelling does not last long time. Small crusts may appear, but they fall off soon.There are no scars after the laser treatment. It is necessary to protect the treated place from sunshine for at least 2 – 3 months. Use cremes with a high UV filter.

The result of laser removing of tattoo and pigmentation

It is not possible to see the result of the treatment immediately. The healing and clearing lasts approximately 6-8 weeks. If you have undergone removing of sun freckles, one treatment should be sufficient. In case of removing of tattoo or permanent make-up, it is necessary to count with more treatments to achieve the best possible result (ca 5 times or more). For the final effect are important the type of tattoo colour, the age of tattoo and its depth. Next laser treatment is possible approximately in two or three weeks after the first treatment.
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