Laser skin growth removal

If you suffer from any skin growths, warts, xynthelasma (fat deposits near eyelids), fibrous capsules or birthmarks, you can have them removed by high-performance laser. Very tender hard “evaporating” laser is used for this purpose.

Skin growth removal method

Hard “evaporating” laser used for this purpose is very tender and can be therefore used at any part of a human body, including the face.

The computer-operated laser beam is targeted at the to-be-treated area and evaporates the undesirable tissue in very thin layers. The biggest advantage of the hard laser is its tenderness since it does not cause large open wounds, the healing process is fast and no other treatments or check-ups are necessary.

Physical properties of a laser beam enable its intensive action in the target area. Hard laser may also be used for smoothing of wrinkles and rejuvenation of the entire face.


Before the procedure

During the first consultation your surgeon will check the state of your skin and the extent of the necessary procedure. If you want to have your birthmark removed, don’t forget that this procedure is not suitable for all birthmarks.

If you have larger growths for removal you have to take into account that the procedure may have to be repeated several times.


Desensitisation is not essential for minor symptoms treatments. You will probably feel slight burning only.

In case of larger procedures, desensitisation of the to-be-treated area may be convenient.

Notify your surgeon of any allergies to drugs you suffer from, especially if you have ever happened to experience allergy to Mezocaine, Lidocaine, etc.

Desensitising ointment may be used for desensitisation. If you are more sensitive to pain, you can ask for this kind of anaesthesia.

After the procedure

Immediately after the laser treatment, a small, attrition-like lesion appears in the treated area which is soon covered with a small plaque. The treated area is sometimes protected with an adhesive plaster that may be removed in two or three days. It does not have to be necessarily used in case of small procedures.

It is vital to protect the treated area from sun exposure for a minimum period of one month. We recommend using sun-block creams. It is also advisable to grease the scar with a healing ointment recommended by the surgeon.

No other precautions are necessary.

In case of any undesirable symptoms, such as inflammation or pain, contact your surgeon immediately.


The treatment effect may be assessed in 3 to 4 weeks after the procedure. The time of the lesion to disappear depends on the extent of the treatment and on the state of your skin. If the result is not satisfactory, the procedure will have to be repeated several times.

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