Learn eyelash extension techniques

Learn eyelash extension

If you happen to love makeup, you are familiar with how beautiful a full-face beat looks with lengthy and full lashes. Not forgetting the amazing fact that you don't need coats of mascara. On the other hand, it is wise to educate yourself on the benefits and drawbacks associated with eyelash extension before settling on a decision. This article focuses on informing you the basics of eyelash extensions, the techniques and both the advantages and cons of extending your lashes.

Extensions and Falsies, The Big Difference

While fake lashes are glued, eyelash extensions are installed by a professional beauty technician. These lashes are temporary which means you can stay with them for a couple of weeks. Moreover, they resemble one's natural eyelashes and it’s hard to tell the difference. Given that they serve one for a longer period compared to fake lashes, it is no offense to say that one gets what they pay for. Therefore, settling for a reputable technician is essential to make sure that the lashes are well-installed and disinfected. This will leave you feeling satisfied and cute instead of cheaping out which can end up making you look terrifying.

What you need to Know About eyelashes extensions

Once you decide to make an appointment with a technician, you should ask everything you feel there is a need to know. The satisfaction that comes with one knowing that their technician is certified is fulfilling. He/she should have adequate eyelash extension training with a couple of reviews from their trainer and prior customers. It is important to inquire about the ingredients to be used during the installation. This is to ensure that the process turns out successful with you not getting any eye infection. If the lash adhesive contains formaldehyde which causes irritation and redness, opt for another technician. Additionally, the eyelash technician should be friendly enough to guide you through the maintenance process and how to remove the lashes.

Get Familiar with Eyelash Extension Products

Extensions require a variety of products to keep them for the desired period of time. Once you extend your lashes, it is common for them to get tangled because of increased volume. Therefore, you need a spoolie brush and a silk pillowcase to avoid tangles. Also, you need oil free pads to clean the lashes since oils tend to breakdown your lashes. The pads can be pre-moisture which is even better to avoid some lashes been caught in between the cotton fiber. If there is need to apply mascara, finding one that is light is advisable since a heavy mascara puts extra weight to your natural lashes leading to serious damage. Basically, you need these eyelash extensions products.

Pros and Cons of Eyelash Extension

Despite the fact that you can end up spending a lot on the extension process, these lashes can last you up to eight weeks with proper maintenance. Also, you don't need to spend anymore on mascaras and fake lashes if you are the kind of person who loves a natural look. However, if you still feel tempted to extend them longer or you have a bunch of fake lashes in your makeup collection unused, you can still wear them over the extended lashes. The most important thing to note is to avoid using too much glue. On the other hand, the amount or length of the extensions is limited to how strong your natural lashes are. This because wearing longer and thicker eyelash extensions than your natural ones can handle can result in intense damage.

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