If your lips are too thin or deflated you can decide to have them augmented with fat injections. Such fat injections can make your lips look plumper and more sensual.

What does lip enhancement by fat application consist of?

The lip enhancement consists of injectable application of fat known to the client’s body to an area that the client wishes to have enlarged. In most cases it is women who undergo the surgery although exceptionally even men do. Lip augmentation by fat application can be performed together with other procedures such as face-lifting, neck-lifting or breast lifting with collagen or fat implants.

Fat application

Transplantation of fat (autologous fat graft or micro-fat injection) means that a small amount of fat is sucked from your abdomen, thighs, buttocks or other parts of client’s body and under sterile conditions injected into the lip. Are you the right candidate for lip enhancement with fat or collagen?
Collagen or fat injections into your lips may enhance your appearance and self-confidence, however, it is not going to change your visage entirely. It might make your lips look plumper and more sensual. It is necessary to distinguish whether it is the size or the colour of your lips that you are not satisfied with. If it’s the colour that you don’t like, your surgeon may recommend you another procedure, such as a lip tattoo. Injectable fat or collagen application is suitable for patients in a good psychic condition whose expectations are realistic.

Before lip augmentation

During the first consultation the surgeon will check the state of your lips and oral mucosa. He/she is going to talk with you about your expectations and ideas, he/she is going to ask you about your anamnesis, allergies to drugs and is going to check your health state to avoid any potential problems. If you suffer from any active lip or oral cavity infection (herpes, aphtae or a cold) or if you have any unhealed lip injury, the surgeon will probably recommend you to postpone the operation.


The anaesthetic agent lidocaine is a mixture of collagen and no additional anaesthetic is thus necessary. Nevertheless, if you are extremely sensitive to pain your surgeon may use desensitizing cream or a combination of local anaesthesia and sedatives. Local anaesthetics desensitize the parts of human body where fat is taken from and where it is inserted. The anaesthesia may be complemented with sedatives. If you decide to have sedatives applied, please make sure that you have a lift back home.

The process of lip augmentation

The whole process lasts from 15 minutes to 1 hour.


In the past collagen was used. Today the surgeons use skin implants – hyaluron acid or fat injections to carry the procedure of lip augmentation, the reason is longer persisting effect.Collagen was injected through the mouth corner precisely to the desired place. More mixture had to be applied since the mixture contained a saline solution which the body absorbed within few days.


Having cleansed the places where fat is going to be sucked from and injected in, the surgeon applies local anaesthesia. Subsequently, fat is taken out by an injection and a thick needle or a cannula (which is the same instrument used for liposuction) and is sucked out by a suction device. After that, the fat is adjusted and injected in the lip. Same as with collagen, it is necessary to apply more fat due to its absorbability. Repeated application of fat may cause swelling or itching.

After lip enhancement with fat

In the place where the fat was sucked from bruises or swelling may appear. You can have pulsing sensation in the lip where the fat was applied and the lip might be swollen. You should avoid sun till the swelling and bruises disappear – usually around 48 hours.

How long will the effect of augmented lips persist?

The effect of fat injections is individual but, in general, the effect lasts longer compared to collagen injections.