LPG – Get your skin in shape

Firm, rejuvenated, and relaxed skin without cellulite or the efficient preparation of skin for surgical procedures and quick healing afterwards – these are the benefits of LPG. The Cosmetic Department at Asklepion now offers body and face treatments with an LPG device that provides a great number of various aesthetic and therapeutic procedures.

The device sends regular, rhythmic, mechanical and intensely stimulating micro impulses to the skin. By means of special massage the LPG is able to efficiently fight cellulite and firm skin. It also provides relaxing therapeutic effects to the entire body.

Another important advantage of LPG is preparation for surgical procedures such as liposuction, abdominoplasty and the reduction or modelling of breasts. Pre-surgical treatment programs serve to prepare the hypodermis, promote blood circulation to the skin and to soften fat tissue. These programs effectively prepare patients for surgical procedures and significantly influence their successful outcome.

If a patient has already undergone an operation the LPG continues preventative pre-surgical massage with therapeutic post-surgical programs. These programs are recommended following all procedures performed on the body. LPG radically reduces the healing period. Following liposuction LPG is able to ensure faster and more balanced absorption of hypodermic structures, which has a positive influence on the overall result of the operation.

With individual face programs, which can also be applied on the bust, LPG works as lifting and, thanks to a positive influence on the creation and regeneration of collagen fibres, helps prevent the appearance of aging skin. LPG effectively fights against wrinkles and loose skin and also has a positive effect on problematic skin. Patients can undergo the program in a series of several treatments or as express therapy with immediate effect (serves as effective first aid). At Asklepion we combine LPG treatment with the Omnilux device and top skin masks and sera that intensify the effects of the therapy and guarantee an excellent feeling from the visible results.

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