Maximum care and pampering

Close your eyes and imagine indulging your body. Everything you can envision will be fulfilled by SPA Oceana Capsules.

You will no longer be limited to merely dreaming about a never-ending range of pleasant feelings, a great number of wraps, massages and stimulations – now you can enjoy all of these by means of a single machine.

The multifunctional bath box SPA Oceana Capsules offers a remarkable relaxation experience for both the body and mind. The entire experience is enhanced by the possibility to listen to music or watch a DVD in a perfectly intimate enclosed environment. All of the programs use purely natural forces such as water, heat, herbs and vitamins.

And now at the Asklepion Six Senses Spa at the Hotel Kolonáda in Karlovy Vary you can treat yourself in these unique bath boxes to hydromassage for the back and lower limbs, vibration massage, steam sauna, infra-sauna, vitamin aerosol, wraps, and aromatherapy and chromatherapy procedures that use aroma and colours for relaxation effects.

We are also able to create custom programs for individual clients. For example, the weight loss program is effective against excessive water retention and the accumulation of toxins while also breaking down fat deposits. This program is typically used prior to beginning weight loss treatments.

The revitalisation and anti-stress program is highly effective against physical and psychological tension.

But these are just a few of the things that the special boxes can produce in combination with other Asklepion treatments.

SPA Oceana Capsules have a positive effect on muscle and joint pain; the boxes have a dermo-stimulation effect, they clean and moisturise the skin, support blood and lymphatic circulation throughout the entire body, stimulate the nervous system, ease muscular tension, free the respiratory passages and even help remove cellulite and excess kilograms.

Make an appointment for procedures in SPA Oceana Capsules.

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