New 3D computer tomography for dentistry

Asklepion now offers new cutting-edge equipment for dental examinations and diagnostic work. Revolutionary perfect 3D imaging and low doses of RTG radiation offer specialists fantastic opportunities in the planning of treatment.

Digital dental CT i-CAT is new advanced equipment that provides 3D technology to dentists and changes the perspective on diagnostic work and the planning of treatment. The interpretation of three-dimensional anatomical structures from standard two-dimensional x-rays demands a sufficient amount of imagination, a good deal of experience, and sometimes even luck from the dentist. There is also a danger of imprecise or incorrect diagnosis and the older technology limits the possibilities of detailed localization and gauging of dental structures.

The three-dimensional images produced by our new CT equipment significantly simplifies the evaluation of findings. Thanks to precise 3D imaging analysis is more precise, faster, and less dependent on the experience of the dentist. Above all it enables completely accurate measurements in spatial contexts, which is extremely important for the precise planning of the most effective treatment.

Computer tomography combines classic x-ray technology with a computer system that processes the information obtained. The image is not produced on x-ray film as is the case with standard x-ray imaging but is mathematically calculated and depicted in the finest detail.

Another significant difference between dental CT (Cone Beam CT) and classic CT is that the patient is subjected to much lower doses of RTG radiation during examinations with dental technology. This is the result of the fact that during Cone Beam CT the x-rays do not create a fan as in classic CT but a conical bundle of rays. The object can therefore be depicted during a single circulation. The bundle of rays is captured on a sensor similar to that used with a classic CT device. Algorithms are then used to convert individual levels into a three-dimensional image.

Dental CT should be utilized whenever three-dimensional images provide a decisive advantage. This includes, in particular, implants and jaw surgery.

Appointments for the use of new computer tomography technology can be made by calling the Asklepion Dentistry Department at +420 234 716 400. On the basis of professional recommendations we also perform CT examinations for patients from other dental offices.

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