Omnilux Clear-U: top-class care to acne treatment!

Developed from its older siblings – Omnilux Blue and Omnilux Revive offers a unique acne treatment using a combination of blue and red biostimulatory light. As a domestic supplementary treatment it can be used in the comfort of your own home.

Omnilux Clear-U is the first pocket LED (Light Emitting Diode) product approved by the FDA (USA) for the treatment of acne.

The greatest revolution in the treatment of acne during the last few years was probably the discovery that blue light at a wavelength of 415nm and at the intensity produced by the Blue Omnilux destroys propionibacterium acnes more effectively than antibiotics. The Omnilux Revive red light, at a wavelength of 633 nm, affectively speeds up the healing process, reduces and eliminates inflammatory processes in the body and regenerates the epidermis. Omnilux Clear-U then offers a unique combination of wavelengths and effects in order to remove the causes and after-effects of acne.

How to use Omnilux Clear-U?

Omnilux Clear-U is designed to treat slight to medium-severe forms of acne. It is not suitable for treating extensive cystic, nodular or comedonal acne.

The treatment programme comprises eight sessions spread over a period of up to four weeks, in other words, two sessions a week for a month. In the first session the blue light is used; in the second (two to three days later), the red light is applied; in another two or three days the blue light is used again, and so on.

The optimal results are visible 4-8 weeks after the end of the course of treatment.

The real advantage of this new device is undoubtedly its unique combination of two wavelengths; the fact that it is easy to use makes it ideal for application at home. Its guaranteed extreme safety means that it provides mild yet effective treatment with no side effects.

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