Permanent make-up

If you want to look good but also natural, if you don’t have enough time or you are bothered by makeup, you can solve it with permanent makeup. Permanent makeup is a method by which natural colours are inserted to the upper layer of the epidermis which causes desired accentuation or even reshaping of given facial part. With permanent makeup it is possible to shape for example size of eyebrows, to accentuate the eyeliners or lips and also to balance their asymmetry.

What is permanent makeup?

Permanent makeup is a surface skin micro pigmentation which effects are limited for the period of time of 1 to 3 years. The effect doesn’t last for the whole life, like e.g. tattoos. It can thus flexibly react to changes in face and trends in makeup so that you could be sure that you look best in any situation.

Permanent makeup is divided in

  • BEAUTY-MAKING – applied on eyebrows, upper and lower eyeliners, lip contour with colouring, beauty spots
  • MEDICAL – applied on scars after surgeries and injuries, burns, vitiligo, alopecia, shot earrings

The process of the procedure

The application of permanent makeup is double-phase process. It is possible to distinguish the shade and intensity of colour after at least three weeks after the first part of the procedure. 3 to 5 weeks is followed by another visit, so called complement, when tiny errors are fixed.

Who is suitable candidate

Ideal age for micro pigmentation / permanent makeup is 17 – 90 years old. Permanent makeup is suitable for anybody who wants to underline her everyday makeup. As a basis for makeup, not a replacement of day or night makeup, it will not limit you to use your favourite makeup (e.g. you can still use your favourite lipstick when contouring and colouring lips), while by sport or other activities you will be sure that your lips look fresh and neat.

Permanent makeup is not suitable for example for person who takes medicine for reducing of bleeding (Heparin, Varfarin), tranquillizers, antibiotics or person with strong diabetes.

How long does the effect of the procedure last?

The lasting is individual, according to the amount of fat and thickness of the skin, exposure to the sun, hormone level, in average 1 to 3 years (although there are even clients that come for reconstruction after 5 to 6 years).

Why to decide for permanent makeup

  • Comfort – look best 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Allergies to makeup, sensitive skin
  • Wearing glasses or contact lenses
  • “Not precise hand” because of arthritis
  • Reluctance to fix classic makeup several times a day
  • Permanent makeup enables you to look good while doing sport activities or staying in nature and near water
  • Thanks to permanent makeup you will have natural, expressive and nice look
  • Touching up the loss of hair as a consequence of alopecia, chemotherapy, injury, burn or surgical procedure
  • Disguise of scars after plastic surgeries, injuries, ablations, clefts
  • Camouflage of spots caused by vitiligo
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