Physiotherapy and sports training – The new possibilities

The correct posture is the right base for a harmonious movement. The posture is conditioned especially by the correct activity of the deep spinal muscles, abdominal muscles, pelvic floor muscles and of the diaphragm. Balanced activity of all engaged muscles, the muscle strength, good balance and perfect coordination are the next building blocks for the optimal movement performance. The balance of all these elements is naturally also manifested by the body shape and the elegance of the movement. Simply visualize a dancer, a figure-skater or a decathlon athlete.

Physiotherapy or sports training led in an optimal way to achieve this target use various tools and methods. The latest approaches incorporate the work with all above elements of movement: they use the environment instability, activation of muscle groups within entire functional chains to associate the routine daily movements as closely as possible, etc. At the same time, they use the consciously experienced movement, an important element of its control. These are the elements that form foundations for the principles of the device used in our centre, which we will now introduce in more detail to you:

What is HUBER?

HUBER is a device made of:

  • motorized oscillating platform creating instability
  • sensor-fitted handles, which provide feed-back on the muscle strength exerted
  • scan – height-adjustable, mobile column, which generates vertical alternating movement during the performance
  • interactive display
  • feed-back enabling evaluation of muscle power and movement coordination (virtual coach)

HUBER enables you to harmoniously and simultaneously exercise the muscles of legs, arms, buttocks, abdomen and the spinal muscles (complex training). The device is able to define the strength and coordination of the user and his/her gradual progress. HUBER strengthens muscle groups; it develops coordination and movement accuracy through the stimulation of the deep spinal muscles, it stimulates body balance and improves the overall bodily posture. Through optimization of all these functions, reduction in energy consumption is also achieved, which is important especially for professional sportsmen.

Technique: The main menu features different levels of exercise difficulty – from the elementary DISCOVERY LEVEL (designed to get to know the device or to warm-up), through INTERMEDIATE to the most sophisticated ADVANCED level. Beside these three basic programmes, the FREE LEVEL enables the set-up of individual programme.

The concept is designed so that, after the introductory briefing and correction, and thanks to the interactive display providing feed-back, the device enables you to work independently, with your virtual coach.

The set level of HK power, the level of platform rotation and selection of body position are the factors that, in mutual combination, allow development of variable exercise programmes to stimulate the deep spinal muscles – in order to improve balance, coordination, posture and the muscle power.

After 10 visits, you see:

  • improvement of average strength by o 15%
  • the strength of the left and right half of your body evening out
  • growth of maximum strength by 12%
  • coordination improvement by 30%

How often? It is optimal to train for around 30 minutes, 2-3 times a week.

What are the possible applications?

Special physiotherapy

The aim is to strengthen   the deep spinal stabilization system, complex muscle reinforcement, training and balance renovation, coordination, sensomotoric stimulation in order to achieve a better proprioception, improvement of strength and postural stability, fitness improvement. The result of this is improved muscle strength, stability, balance and coordination, body posture, better adaptation and better reaction to changes – and, thus, reduced incidence of sport injuries. Indications: spinal scoliosis, muscular imbalance, conditions resulting from spinal injuries and operations or from cerebral apoplexy, disseminated sclerosis, dysequilibrium and leg injuries, such as injuries of hip, knee and ankle joints.

Prevention of pains and disorders of the locomotive system

For all those, who have not experienced problems with the locomotive system yet and suffer from no pain, yet, due to their sedentary lifestyle, lack of diverse movement and due to stress, are potentially threatened by these problems.

Targeted sports training

Athletes can utilize HUBER for growing their average and maximal muscular strength, as a prevention of joint pains and meniscus disorders. Specific sports programmes are utilized for performance improvement in some sports, such as golf, tennis, boxing and skiing.

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