Plastic surgery of tights and arms

The ageing process causes lower elasticity of the skin and its loosening in the areas of tights and arms. At the same time, many women suffer from excessive fat deposition in this parts of the body. If you suffer from this complications, you can undergo this operation.

What is an operation of tights and arms?

Operation of tights and arms is a surgical treatment, which leads to removing of excessive fatty tissue in special body parts and to reduction of redundant skin.

Excessive fat deposition in several body parts can be caused by metabolic and hormonal changes during the life of a woman. Inherited disposition plays an important role as well. Even after a considerable loss of weight it may be necessary to remove surgically redundant skin volume.

Low skin elasticity can be reason for refusing a liposuction. The skin looses not only elasticity but also capability to adjust to a new tissue volume and reattach to it evenly. The result could be several foldings, uneven surfaces and dimples.

Are you a suitable candidate for operation of tights and arms?

If you suffer from excessive fat depositions or loose skinin the areas of tights and arms and your doctor does not recommend you liposuction because very low skin elasticity, this operation can be a good choice for you.
You have to be healthy and with a good balance of mind and with realistic expectations.
Do not forget that operation of tights and arms helps you to form your body in another way, but always at the cost of scars.

Before the operation

During the first consultation, the doctor shall talk to you about your expectations and possibilities. He shall consider the condition of your skin and its elasticity and recommend the best procedure. It is necessary to define exactly which parts you consider to be problematical. He will ask about your general state of health and whether you take any medication, especially medication containing acetylsalicylic acid (Aspirin, Acylpyrin, Alnagon, Mironal etc.). This medicaments can increase bleeding during the operation and thereafter. You should organize your transport home after the operation and assistance for one or two days, if you need it. You should not become ill with a contagious disease (virus disease, cold etc) during three weeks before the operation. The lines of the section will be drawn on your body as a part of preparatory activities.


The operation requires general anaesthesia, it means you shall sleep during the whole operation. You will be probably reminded not to eat, drink and smoke during 6 hours before the operation. You may spend one or more days in the hospital after the operation.

The procedure of the operation

The surgeon always makes the section on places which enable the scars to be little visible and hidden in the underwear or bathing dress.

According to drawing donebefore the operation, the section is made on places which enable the scar to be hidden in natural skin folds of the groin and eventually between the breech. The scar on the arms is on the inner sides of the arms. In case of major surgical interventions, a drainage tube is put in the wound before the end of the operation. It stays there for 24 hours and helps to lead the blood and interstitial fluids out of the wound to prevent an inflammation. At the end is the wound covered with a sterile gauze and elastic bandage, which is necessary for the even reattachment of the tissue.

After the operation

You will have to stay in bed for 1-3 days after the operation, according to the extent of the operation. Then you will go home and stay in after-care. The operated places will probably be very swollen and bruised. You can also experience a little pain, which can be reduced with medication. The stitches are usually removed after 10 – 12 days. You should rest for approximately two weeks. You must follow all instructions of your doctor. Otherwise the swelling and pain can increase, the body temperature as well. In case of body temperature higher than 38°C, do not hesitate and immediately seek medical advice. It may be necessary to use antibiotics to prevent an infection. It is very important to wear elastic bandage and underwear, according to the recommendation of the doctor, which is highly individual. In cases of operation of lower limbs it is mostly two months. The instructions are not so strict during the second month, the elastic bandage is worn above all if you should stand up for longer time or during acitivites with intensive movements. The doctor provides you with instructions about pressure massages of scars and how to take care of scars to maximize the effects of healing process. The scars can stay visible even for months.

What is the result of the operation?

This operation has lasting results, it however does not prevent the accumulation of other fet cells. However, if you follow all the instructions of your doctor and have realistic expectations, you will be really pleased by the results.
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