Radiesse (calcium hydroxyapatit)

Injection implants enable you to augment the lips, to smooth the wrinkles away and to correct the contours of the face. You will be young and beautiful….

What is Radiesse?

Radiesse is formed by particles of calcium hydroxyapatit (CaHa) in the form of gel that is suitable for facial abnormalities correction. CaHa is a natural part of human tissues (teeth, nails). On one side, results are fully evident immediately. On the other side, the substance is completely excreted from the body by a natural pathway over a period of one to two years. The filler is especially used for renewal of the volume of the cheek bones, reduction of deep nasolabial folds, correction of turned-down corners of the mouth, improvement of the contour of the jaws and nose shape, as well as for enlargement of the small or recessive chin.



  • Renewal of face volume
  • Renewal of cheekbone volume
  • Reduction of deep nasolabial folds
  • Reduction of turned-down corners of mouth
  • Correction of jaw outline
  • Correction of nose shape
  • Enlargement of small or receding chin

Duration of the effect

Temporary (1-2 years).

Duration of the treatment

Approximately 30 minutes.

What is Radiesse?

Radiesse is a injection implant that is very suitable for correcting facial imperfections. It includes calcium hydroxyl apatite particles (CaHa) in gel formula for easier application. CaHa is a natural component of human tissue (teeth and nails) and has been used in medicine for over 25 years. A great advantage of the product is it’s immediately visible and long-lasting effect. Duration of the effect depends on the client’s age, skin type, lifestyle and muscle activity in the application area. For instance in the nasal area the effect may be visible for up to several years. However, over time the substance naturally fully leaves the body.

The treatment

The treated area may be anaesthezised before treatment, either by using a anaesthetizing cream or injection. Radiesse is then applied directly underneath the skin and a physician gently rubs it into desired shape. Immediately after treatment the treated area may be red, swollen and slightly painful, bruises may rarely appear. However, this is all only temporary. In some cases the desired effect is achieved already after the first treatment, in other cases repeated treatments are required. The treatment may be repeated any time.


The effect is immediately visible. As soon as after two weeks the product cannot be felt in skin. The gel stays where it has been applied, since CaHa particles are stabilised in skin by newly formed collagen. The effect is visible for one to two years, in some cases even longer.

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