Radio frequency: a new procedure for a firm and thin body

A non-invasive and non-ablative method for tightening skin, remodelling the contours of the face and body, and treating cellulite that is not demanding time wise.

We apply radio frequency using special electrodes that heat subcutaneous tissue to a high temperature, causing collagen fibres to regroup and contract. By alternating mono and bipolar radio frequency waves limp skin immediately tightens.

A unique combination of ultrasound sonic dermabrasion and ultrasound sonic phoresis works on the deepest layers of skin. The treatment gives clients tight, rejuvenated and invigorated skin on both the surface and in the deep layers. The overall effect of the therapy is supported by the stimulation of collagen fibres, the “building blocks” of the skin. The better the condition of these fibres, the younger your skin will look. Radio frequency also has a fantastic effect on deep deposits of cellulite.

How is the treatment performed?

The treatment by radio frequency is always performed on the basis of a medical recommendation from a physician who evaluates the physical condition and medical history of the client.

Following an initial check-up the actual procedure is performed by trained medical personnel or a cosmetician. The skin is first prepared with a fine ultrasound peeling to maximise the resulting effect. A local anaesthetic is then applied (for approximately ten minutes), followed by the actual radio frequency treatment. A refreshing gel is applied to the skin afterwards.

During the procedure the patient feels a gentle vibration as the radio frequency waves penetrate fat tissue. There must never be any pain; in fact, many clients experience the treatment as a very pleasant massage.

Visibly strained after the procedure, the skin may be warm and red as the result of increased blood circulation. Everything returns to normal after one or two days.

How many times must the treatment be repeated?

Visible results are achieved after five treatments; there should be at least a two week pause between procedures. Sessions last between 15 and 50 minutes depending on the individual’s condition.

Where is radio frequency effective?

Any parts of the body with cellulite and which need to be tightened and firmed, including limp skin on the neck and face, on the back of arms, etc.

Radio frequency produces excellent results in combination with body programs and face and neck therapy such as Omnilux, the laser gel mask, and fractionated lasers.

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