Skin regeneration with the usage of plasma – Portrait Device

Skin rejuvenation that is drooping and aging. This revolutionary method uses plasma flow of ionized nitrogen that regenerates skin from depth but does not damage it. It can remove scars after acne, bags around eyes and other problems. You do not even have to restrict your activities even immediately after the procedure.

What is plasma and how does the Portrait device function?

Plasma is a fourth state of matter (beside liquid, solid and gas) which is formed by free electrons of atom that form inert gas. Nitrogen is used as a source of gas thanks to its ability to oust oxygen from the surface of he skin. This way we can avoid heating of the skin, burns and creation of scars. Nitrogen is not inflammable, therefore there is no risk of sparkle or explosion.

Plasma causes controlled thermal damage of the upper layer of old skin and stimulates creation of collagen fibers and therefore creation of new skin. There is no direct contact with the skin, however the thermal energy is transported right into the tissues.

Plasma skin regeneration – PRS uses portrait device.

The Portrait device is formed by radiofrequency generator that makes inert nitrogen gas, which is then placed into the adapter with a jet at the end in form of millisecond stream right on the skin. Immediately after the contact with the skin the energy changes into heat that won’t damage the epidermis. Plasma appears as a characteristic heat/flame, which changes in yellow light. The distance between the jet and the skin should be approximately 5 mm, in case of high energy the distance should be 1 cm to prevent creation of border lines. The pulse should flow in one direction not from left to right. The area and depth of the thermal effect depends on the selected energy and the size of adapter. The energy can be selected between 1 – 4 J per pulse. This technology can be used for different selected energies, that is associated with the depth of the treatment.

Peel of the epidermis to heating into depth is possible.

The resurfacing of the skin with the usage of plasma has 4 recommended schemas of treatment:

  • Plasma skin regeneration PRS 1 – low energy is used for the series of treatment during three weeks, it begins with 1 – 1,2 J energy, it can be increased depending on individual tolerance. The period between the treatments and its recovery is 3 – 4 days.
  • Plasma skin regeneration PRS 2 – high energy in one shot, 3 – 4 J. The healing process takes 5 – 7 days.
  • Plasma skin regeneration PRS 3 – two treatments with high energy 3 – 4 J, healing process is 6 – 10 days.
  • New fast technique of skin regeneration with the usage of very low energy 0,5 J. Three treatments within three weeks.

What areas can be treated by Portrait plasma?

It is mainly used for facial skin rejuvenation: wrinkle removal and general skin lift, removal of odds and unwanted pigmentation. Also for rejuvenation of skin on the neck, chest and back side of hands. The portrait device can treat also areas around mouth and eyes.


Local anesthesia was used with the combination of anesthetic cream, which was applied on the treated area. At present usage of the cream is sufficient, although its application must have the right timing, i.e. it must be applied only on small areas and stepwise on the others according to already finished treatment.

What to do after the treatment of plasma portrait?

Care after the procedure of skin regenaration with plasma is minimal in case of usage of low energy. In high energies it is relatively simple. You should avoid sun exposure and apply sensitive cream on the treated spots frequently after the procedure during the healing process of the skin.

In case of usage of low energy the redness of the skin stays 2 – 3 hours. When using high energy redness and rough skin appearance is visible. The healing process takes 5 – 10 days, during this period the old epidermis peels away. It is important for the patient not to peel the skin by her/himself and wait until it separates. Not to intervene in the process of healing.

Undesired effects after plasma resurfacing

Redness and itching several days after the procedure is common. Itching can be avoided by application of ice on the treated spots. Creation of scabs can appear in case of usage of high energy. A sensitive lotion is good then. Dark spots on the skin might appear caused by low or high energy, they usually absorb within several weeks or months.

Financing the portrait skin regenaration

The price ranges from 5000 – 35000,- CZK depending on the size of treated area and the intensity of the procedure.

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