Spider veins laser removal

Red or bluish veins on your face, calves, thighs or elsewhere are undoubtful signs that you probably suffer from an insufficient supply of blood to the skin. If you are plagued with this cosmetic problem, you can have the spider veins removed by laser.

The method of vein removal

Abnormal veins are removed by a high-voltage blood vessel laser. The laser beam is precisely targeted at the required spot where it reacts with haemoglobin and the reacting heat removes the undesirable veins up to the width of 2 mm. Thanks to the precise targeting of the beam, the adjacent tissue is not affected. The laser appliance is usually equipped with so-called dynamic cooling of skin which prevents scabs and other skin injuries.

Preparing for Procedure

It is necessary to consult the surgeon before the procedure.

The surgeon may test the efficiency of the laser method on a small spot of skin during the session. It will help him/her to estimate the resulting effect of the procedure and won’t let you spend your money unnecessarily.


The procedure itself lasts from several seconds to tens of minutes, depending on the extent of the treatment. In case of more extensive symptoms, such as hemangioms, varicose veins or ignis, it is necessary to repeat the procedure several times.


Anaesthesia is mostly not necessary. You will probably feel a pain similar to soft stinging, which is often compared to a „swish with a ponytail holder“. Anaesthetic ointment is used only in case of extensive procedures.
If you are more sensitive to pain, the anaesthetic ointment can be applied on your demand.

Procedure for Children

Children care is usually out-patient and the treatment is made under analgosedation.
Your surgeon will inform you of how you should prepare your child for the procedure. You will be probably instructed not to let your kid drink or eat two hours before and after the treatment. It may happen that your kid will have to stay at the clinic for 2 to 3 hours after the treatment.

After the Procedure

The treated place will be slightly inflamed after the procedure but will turn normal again in several minutes or hours. It is vital to avoid sun tanning after the procedure and to use sun-block lotions (SPF 40 – 100).
No other precautions are essential.
Contact your surgeon immediately in case of any plasters or more intensive pain.
Your surgeon may recommend you medicaments improving the quality of blood vessel walls.

Treatment Results

Treatment effectivity may be assessed in 3 to 4 week time after the procedure. The lesion will disappear in dependence on the extent of the procedure, on the energy applied and on individual dispositions.
It may happen that the procedure will have to be repeated two or more times, if the results are not satisfactory.
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