The perfect white smile is not only everybody´s dream, but represents in our society a necessary part of perfect look. One of the possibilities offered by aesthetic stomatology is teeth whitening with the help of plasma lamp and laser.

Techniques of teeth whitening

The are many highly effective techniques of teeth whitening, for example usage of whitening tooth pastes, whitening rubber applicator or whitening strips.

One of the procedures of aesthetic stomatology is whitening in the dental surgery with the help of plasma lamp or laser.

Are you a suitable candidate for teeth whitening with the help of plasma lamp and laser?

If you have already tried different techniques of teeth whitening and do not think that the effect was satisfactory or if you require a radical change of colour tone of your teeth, you can be a suitable candidate for teeth whitening with the help of plasma lamp and laser.

It is necessary to have a clear idea about the teeth colour you want to reach and have realistic expectations.

Whitening can considerably change the colour of your teeth, but if your teeth are very dark, is may not be possible to change them into shining white. The change of few colour tones will however be always evident.

Before the teeth whitening

During the consultation, the doctor will consider the colour of your teeth and ask you about expectations concerning teeth whitening.

If you have already undergone teeth whitening in the past, inform your doctor. Tell him/her whether you are allergic to medicaments or other substances.

The doctor can recommend postponing teeth whitening in case of an infectious disease of oral cavity (virus disease, aphthosis, herpes etc.).


Teeth whitening is painless and does not require anesthesia.

If it is necessary to remove tartar before the whitening, ex. using ultrasoundlocal anesthesia can be used in the form of injection an anesthetic.

The procedure of teeth whitening with the help of plasma lamp and laser

A highly concentrated peroxide (up to 35%) is put on the tooth. It is then activated with a plasma lamp or laser. It accelerates the whitening process, but it is necessary to count with longer time spent in the dental surgery.

After the whitening

The doctor provides you with all the information about following dental care. There are no measures necessary immediately after finishing the plasma lamp or laser whitening.

How long does the effect of teeth whitening with the help of plasma lamp or laser last?

The effect depends on perfect mouth hygiene, type of food you eat, but also smoking and general life style. Only with perfect mouth hygiene it is possible to prevent or slow down the collection of plaque and tartar on your teeth.

After a very individual time period, you may feel dissatisfied with the colour of your teeth again and undergo another teeth whitening.