Tumescent liposuction-fat removal by suction under tumescent anesthesia

Almost all women have fat pads which represent power margin, which was necessary in the past to complete pregnancy successfully in case of lack of food. This power margin differs from normal fat, it is the last to be degraded though a diet and the first to appear when the woman puts on some weight. These fat deposits have even women who are relatively slim and have normal weigh. Therefore it is sometimes difficult to get rid of this fat by a diet.

The usage of modern liposuction methods enables modeling of almost all parts of human body. Fat suction does not remove all fat but reduces it and models treated areas to achieve a harmonic shape.

Aim of liposuction is not and can not be weight reduction! It is always necessary to combine liposuction with a careful diet.

There are different methods of liposuction with some advantages and disadvantages – tumescent liposuction has a wide range of advantages compared to other treatments – it is decent and does not require general anesthesia. There is a precise modeling of the treated area and severe complications occur only in tenths per mille. Post-operational recovery is short, it is necessary to wear elastic underwear only for one or two weeks.

Pre-operational preparation

Liposuction is not an indispensable surgery, that is why it is very important to minimize all possible risks connected with this operation. Your surgeon has to be informed about your state of health, previous illnesses, way of life (smoking, alcohol) and eventually about current illnesses.

It is necessary to discontinue all medicaments which can cause increased bleeding ten days before the operation – ex. Aspirin, Godamed, Plavix etc. High dosis of vitamin E can cause increased bleeding as well. Some laboratory tests must be done before the treatment – blood count, Quick, PTT.


It is allowed to have breakfast or lunch before the surgery. Drinking alcohol and smoking is not appropriate! We recommend to wear loose clothes (ex. training suit, jogging trousers, spare pair of socks). First night should be spent on the clinic. During this time, tumescent fluid flows out of small punches caused by the sounds. These punches are not sutured, they heal very fast.

After surgery

First 2-3 days after surgery, we recommend sufficient intake of fluids (2-3 l/day) and only a light physical activity (walks, light activities at home) and normal food. It is necessary to wear elastic underwear 24 hours per day for at least 7-10 days!

If it gets dirty by the tumescent fluid, it can be cleaned by washing. When it is being washed and dried, the patient should minimize physical activities. It is therefore better to buy second piece of elastic underwear.

Post-operational pains are minimal. They can be soothed by Paracetamol. Beginning with the third day it is possible to massage the skin with baby oil, Free oil etc. In case of hematoma (bruises), apply hirudoid creme or gel. Normal physical activity is possible as soon as you do not feel any pain more while exercising.

The final result of liposuction can be expected after 3-4 months.


Complications connected with liposuciton are minimal and mostly only light.

To the most common belong –

  • formation of hematoma (bruise)
  • uneven suction
  • skin inflammation at the place of incisions
  • skin inflammation at the place of suction
  • deep vein thrombosis

If any of these complications appear, be sure to contact your surgeon. Do the same in case of raised temperature, long-lasting discharge of tumescent fluid or blood, strong pain or other peculiarities which trouble you.

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