Which english celebrities have had cosmetic surgery ?

Several celebrities have gone under the knife to get their physical features altered in procedures such as nose jobs, breast enlargements, lip and Botox injections. Some procedures have gone well while others have gone awfully wrong. Steph McGovern once said in her Twitter account that the analogy of Botox economics is that if the injections go wrong, they get toxic. Here are a few English stars who went under the surgeon’s knife and the result of their cosmetic surgery procedures.

Gail Porter

Gail Porter, a TV presenter, admitted to having a breast reduction job a while back. She said that from the time she was in her puberty at around nine years of age, she did not like her breasts and always wanted to have a flat chest. Over the years, she had to live in mental anguish for having naturally giant 28J breasts on her chest. A number of times, she had attempted to cut them but with serious effects. At one time, she had an eating disorder when she refused to eat in a bid to reduce her breasts. Luckily, her breast reduction procedure worked well, and she now loves her small breasts and almost flat chest. She added to say that she feels more confident than she was with large breasts. Gail Porter has lost all her hair on her head to alopecia.

Alicia Douvall

Alicia Douvall is a former Glamour Model and TV personality. Over her lifetime, she has gone under the surgeon’s scalpel for a whopping 350 times. The star revealed that she had an addiction to cosmetic procedures but is working to deal with the problem. Her last visit to the operating table was in 2016 where she was admitted to correct a boob job that had gone wrong. She revealed that she almost died in the procedure. In the earlier boob procedure, she had had a 30G breast implant that turned solid with blood clotting around the breast. Other procedures that the star has had over the years include 14 other boob jobs, seven nose jobs, toe shortening procedures and lots of Botox injections. Alicia is now undergoing counseling classes to let go of her compulsive desire to alter her body shape and features. She says she loves naturally looking women just like Steph McGovern pictures that have been doing rounds on the internet.

Katie Price

Katie Price is a former model for Glamour magazine who has undergone multiple procedures to enhance her face, boobs and general image. Before she started on plastic surgeries, Katie looked more like Steph McGovern photos of her youth. She was fresh-faced, had well-rounded breasts and an awesome figure. Now, the 40-year old lady has had to have an emergency face lift after too many procedures on her face damaged her facial muscles.

Botched Procedures

Katie has had about two nose jobs, breast implants, multiple filler procedures and a new set of teeth. She even had new hair extensions. The procedure that made it necessary for her to get an emergency face lift had been done around her eyes. However, it left her with dark circles under her eyes and saggy skin on her face. A while back, her breast implants had also ruptured in Big Brother reality show, causing her to seek immediate medical attention. Today, she looks so different from her former self.

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