2-in-1 Smart Laser

Nowadays lasers are used almost in all medicine fields. Plastic surgery and esthetic dermatology are not an exception. In this article you can find out why not to be afraid of SmartLipo method and what you can expect.

Laser Liposuction (Laser-assisted Liposuction, SmartLipo)

This surgical method develops dynamically and is used in many countries with success. It was approved by FDA in USA. It completes and gradually substitutes older liposuction methods.

It is the newest conception of body contouring through laser beam. It presents the least invasive technique that can remove excessive fat tissues in all areas. It is caused by change from energy of laser beam to thermal energy, which breaks up the fat cells. The fat cells of an adult person don’t have the ability to reproduce (multiplication, reproduction) and that’s why the performed procedures have permanent effect. The permanence of the result does not concern only the reduction of fat tissue, it includes also permanent optimal body shape. Also another effect of laser liposuction is of the same importance, unique skin lift in treated areas that is caused by laser stimulation of subcutaneous collagen.

Performing Laser Liposuction

The chosen and beforehand drawn area is anesthetized with a solution before the procedure. It is followed by insertion of very thin laser fiber into the chosen subcutaneous fatty area and gradual dissolving of fat cells. Liquid fat tissue is left usually without suction in case of very tiny parts. It is gradually absorbed due to natural metabolism. In case of larger treated areas it is recommended to combine the laser treatment with gentle suction of the fat tissue. Most of the modern clinics world-wide use technique of vibration liposuction – power assisted liposuction. The combination of laser lipolysis with this type of suction is nowadays considered as the most gentle and most effective.

The area of laser fibers insertion is not sewn after the procedure, they are treated only with a tiny piece of plaster and the marks fade after some time. The patient wears according to the surgeon’s recommendation elastic underwear for several days. In case of very tiny extent of the procedure it is possible to leave the treated area without special underwear (e.g. gentle treatment of double chin).

The Advantages of Laser Liposuction

The same advantages are valid for the described surgical technique as for tumescent and vibration-tumescent technique, i.e. out-patient procedure without the need of general anesthesia; no medical and esthetic risks of the procedure; the possibility to evaluate the result in a vertical position; permanent effect of the result; self-sufficiency after the procedure without the need for repeated check-ups by the surgeon; improvement or deletion of eventual cellulite.

Moreover compared to other liposuction techniques by laser liposuction we can expect:

  • better stretch of the skin, which is caused by laser stimulation of subcutaneous collagen
  • expansion of the procedure of very gentle areas, where other techniques were esthetically risky
  • the possibility to perform the procedure in more places at a time
  • minimal discharge of tumescent liquid
  • even less bleeding caused by laser coagulation of tiny subcutaneous vessels
  • even shorter period to wear compression underwear or not to wear it at all
  • the possibility to avoid suction in small parts
  • the simplest process after the surgery from all similar techniques (i.e. minimum pain after the procedure, the fastest return to job or sport activities).
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