Esthetic Eyelid Surgery

With improving purchasing power of population esthetic surgeries become more and more available service. Although very intense long-lasting procedures under general anesthesia still present rather “luxury goods”. Smaller operations under local anesthesia are more available. Nevertheless they can in many…

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Overview of Lasers and Laser Treatments in Dermatology

Get to know the advantage of laser treatment in dermatology and the types of lasers, divided by the method of the skin treatment. If you suffer from acne, unsightly scars, varices, psoriasis, you wish to have your facial skin rejuvenated…

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Augmentation–breast enlargement with implants

In LAUREA Clinic a team of experienced plastic surgeons is operating. Offering a complete assortment of surgical procedures of esthetical surgery is their daily life including recently implemented surgical procedures. Breast corrections via implants belong to standard and commonly used…

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Tumescent liposuction-fat removal by suction under tumescent anesthesia

Almost all women have fat pads which represent power margin, which was necessary in the past to complete pregnancy successfully in case of lack of food. This power margin differs from normal fat, it is the last to be degraded…

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Is cosmetic surgery abroad right for you ?

Before you decide to travel for cosmetic surgery abroad there are some important points to consider. Should you use the services of an agency, or work with a clinic directly? Here is a short summary of some things to think…

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Which english celebrities have had cosmetic surgery ?

Several celebrities have gone under the knife to get their physical features altered in procedures such as nose jobs, breast enlargements, lip and Botox injections. Some procedures have gone well while others have gone awfully wrong. Steph McGovern once said…

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