Skin untouched by time

The very best you can do for your skin is provide it with plenty of nourishment, from without and from within. In Asklepion you can now pamper your skin with products from Viscoderm, partly in the form of injectable ampoules with natural hyaluronic acid, and partly as a nutritional supplement.

Hyaluronic acid is a natural part of all living organisms.

It is a simple chemical substance which naturally fills the space between cells and tends to form bunches of long fibres, which are able to swell within the skin, in a similar way to a sponge. As we get older, the amount of hyaluronic acid in the body reduces and the organism is unable to restore it naturally. In short, your body does not mind wrinkles. The less hyaluronic acid we have in the body, the less water the skin is able to absorb, which results in the skin “shrinking”.

This discovery led to the fact that hyaluronic acid is now successfully used not only to smooth out wrinkles and uneven skin, but also to make it tauter, sharpen the contours of the face and shape the lips.

It was first commercially used in 1942, when Endre Balazs had it patented as a substitute for egg-white in bread and bakery products. For the following fifty years this Hungarian scientist became the main expert in the research of this substance. Besides it aesthetic use, hyaluronic acid began to be applied in the treatment of joint pains, infertility, and tissue swelling. In short, during the last century it became one of the most well-known and widely used substances in medicine.

In the Viscoderm care scheme hyaluronic acid effectively and naturally rejuvenates the skin and neutralises the ageing process. Viscoderm restores the levels of hyaluronic acid in the skin, which regenerates and rehydrates the epidermis. It is applied around the face, neck, upper chest, and on the back of the hand. After treatment, for example, the water content of the skin is 30 % higher, while the skin is up to 80 % more supple.

Another significant result of the application of Viscoderm into the skin is that it provides effective protection against harmful external factors.

Besides hyaluronic acid the Viscoderm Pearls nutritional supplement also contains collagen, the antioxidants pycnogenol and the coenzyme Q10. It acts to prevent degenerative processes in the skin and stimulates cell regeneration, thus making your skin look healthier and more supple while improving its tone and hydration.

Viscoderm Pearls can be used on its own as a means of preventing ageing or as supplementary care against the effects of ageing as an injectable Viscoderm project.

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